Shetland Space Centre Announces Lucky Winners of their Kids Competition

2nd Nov 2020
Shetland Space Centre Announces Lucky Winners of their Kids Competition

Two siblings from Aith have won a competition organized by Shetland Space Centre. Now the brother and sister, along with their parents, can take a trip to Florida Space Centre. Signe and Lockie Bullough, aged 8 and 10, submitted a drawing of a female astronaut to the competition, securing the whole family a trip to the US.

Shetland Space Centre Competition

Shetland Space Centre organized a competition for the kids. This event has seen nearly 200 entries, competing for the main prize – a trip to Florida Space Center at Cape Canaveral. However, Shetland administration has been surprised by the amazing quality of submissions and have decided to award several more winners. 

Aside from awarding the main prize to the siblings from Aith, Shetland Space Centre has picked three more children in three different age groups. The groups are 5-7, 8-11, and 12+. As a result, nine more lucky children will get vouchers for Mareel.

Carol Duncan, Shetland Space Centre administrator, has been judging the entries and has taken notice of the outstanding submission quality. On wrapping up the competition, she once again complimented the winners, Signe and Lockie, for their amazing drawing of a female astronaut with a  rocket taking off in the background.

The winners will head off to Florida, right after flights become accessible again. In the meantime, Shetland Space Centre promises to release more images from the contestants. 

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