Changes in the Shetland Space Centre Consultation Leaves only Calls and Online Access Available

22nd Oct 2020
Changes in the Shetland Space Centre Consultation Leaves only Calls and Online Access Available

Recently we seen the Shetland Space Centre change from regular face to face interactions to calls and online meetings. With the current Covid19 restrictions in place the Spaceport had to change how they conducted consultations.

Online events weren’t affected and still took place as per the fixed schedule. They started on 13th October and continued on the 15th at 4pm and later at 8pm. This was the second consultation, following a similar one which was held back in May, for the Spaceport. 

The Shetland Spaceport Proposal

In May, the Shetland Space Centre held an online consultation with members of the public. Their goal remains to gain permission to create a spaceport in the area. It shall consist of a launching area and hangars where the launch vehicles will be assembled. 

Additionally, there’ll be mobile tracking points, high-grade security fences and Lamba Ness access road for servicing. The proposal also includes a command centre and a new road in Northdale, which will further open up the region. 

How Covid-19 Has Affected the Planned Consultations

People won’t congregate in one area this time around for meetings. This is in light of the Coronavirus pandemic that calls for social distancing and self-quarantine measures. Anyone with interest in the consultation were able to access it online or call in and join in the meetings.

Online platforms will make it easier to answer all questions in detail. However, those without internet access have the option of calling in. The organizers promise a better online experience. 

Members of the public got an outline of the proposal in the first meeting back in May. The launch site for this ambitious plan is in the most Northern part of the UK, on the isle of Unst. The Shetland Space Centre consultations gave locals and other interested parties a chance to gather more detailed information.

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