Gilmour Space Technologies Rocket Engine Test Offers Bright Start to 2022

31st Jan 2022
Gilmour Space Technologies Rocket Engine Test Offers Bright Start to 2022

Gilmour Space Technologies Engine Test Offers Hope for Future Rocket Launches

Engineers at Gilmour Space Technologies in Queensland, Australia, completed the first successful test of their rocket engine for the Eris project. On 11th January 2022, the engine was activated for 75 seconds, achieving 110 kilonewtons of force. This amount of thrust is powerful enough to lift four cars and has met the aims of the project, which hopes to create a viable engine for a rocket launch.

Gilmour Space Technologies Aims for the Stars

The test engine created by Gilmour Space Technologies is the largest and most powerful engine created by an Australian firm. The engine was built as part of Gilmour Space Technologies’ ongoing Eris project. The Eris project hopes to send a small domestically built rocket into space in the latter half of 2022. Over the course of the next five years, the project will expand to carry payloads weighing between 300 and 4,000 kilograms into orbit.

Adam Gilmour, CEO, Announces Success of Rocket Engine Test

CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies, Adam Gilmour, expressed his satisfaction with the recent engine test, recognising the moment as a big step forward for the Australian space sector. The engine will be incorporated into the Eris rocket, and the developmental process can now move into its third and final stage with the test complete. Gilmour stated that this advancement has positive implications for the Australian space sector generally. The company hopes to launch its rocket from a spaceport in the Abbot Point State Development Area in North Queensland. Gilmour Space Technologies is currently in the process of applying for government and federal permission to make this spaceport a reality.

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