Call to Attend the Shetland Space Centre Virtual Event for All Innovators Seeking Funding and Guidance

20th Oct 2020

Having a big idea can be daunting sometimes, leaving you confused and wondering how you can ever make it a reality and not knowing the correct steps to take. If this applies to you, the best decision for you is to attend this free Shetland Space Centre virtual event for like-minded people. 

DASA (Defense and Security Accelerator) and the SSC (Shetland Space Centre) will host the event on the 29th of October 2020. It starts at 9.30 am and will end at 1.30 pm. 

All stakeholders are welcome to take part, including innovators and companies in similar fields. More so, those in attendance will be able to enjoy speaking panels on topics ranging from security and intelligence to satellite advancements. 

You may be wondering how you’ll benefit from attending this event. Well, your idea can be the one a stakeholder chooses to fund. 

The Shetland Space Centre Virtual Event Offers Funding Opportunities

According to the Shetland Space Centre head of operations, organizations that offer to fund shall be highlighted at the event. This means those who have great ideas stand a chance of seeing their visions become a reality thanks to their attendance. 

Furthermore, the SSC looks to bolster its relationship with local businesses, innovators, and educators. This is in line with advocating for more innovative and forward-thinking ideas in the community. 

The SSC prides itself as a centre for innovative thinking and invention and it is through this that industries in the region will be able to grow. With the support of all participating organizations, funding shall be available for all those that are viable. 

Better Support Systems for Innovators and Forward Thinkers

Besides providing fantastic opportunities for great ideas, the Shetland Space Centre virtual event shall highlight the type of support available. It’s a chance to gather information on what is available for innovators and what is lacking. With this data, more effort can be made to work on what lacks funding and support. 

An excellent example of this is how DASA is always ready to support and fast-track inventions in their fields of interest. This is according to their partner in innovation from Scotland, Dr. Debra Carr.

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