Gilmour Space Technologies will Build $15 million Australian Spaceport In Bowen

5th Oct 2020
Gilmour Space Technologies will Build $15 million Australian Spaceport In Bowen

Queensland’s opposition Liberal National Party (LNP) chair, Deb Frecklington, hopes to be elected into office on October 31st. As Premier, she promises to sponsor the Australian spaceport project which is being undertaken by Gilmour Space Technologies. The project will cost $15 million and will be located in Bowen town.

The central Queensland town of Bowen will benefit from the Abbot Point facility in numerous ways and what better way than to transform the mango capital of Australia into a centre for rocket launches? 

The Scope of the Project

The CEO and founder of Gilmour Space Technologies, Adam Gilmour, has guaranteed space flights from an Australian spaceport sooner than anticipated. He believes Australia has the resources to infiltrate the space industry effectively.

Gilmour agrees with the opposition leader, Deb Frecklington, that it is time for an Australian rocket to be launched from Australian soil and the spaceport in Abbot Point will be the pioneering program to do this.

The proposed project is aimed at converting Bowen into a hub of astronomical activity in the near future. It will see rockets and satellites launch into space from Australian territory, rather than the usual US base at Cape Canaveral.

Once the Bowen spaceport is completed, there will be more than 500 employment opportunities available. Federal LNP member, Mr. George Christensen, strongly supports this venture which will bring forth job creation which will be of great benefit to the locals. He even referred to Bowen as the final frontier in the global space program.

Benefits of the Australian Spaceport

The Chief Executive is confident that his company, Gilmour Space Technologies, will provide high end and secure work with optimized pay. After all, Australia is capable of providing adequate training to residents of Queensland for job placement in his high tech rocket firm and at the launch site.

As well as executing rocket launches from Australian soil, the launch pad will also serve as a monitoring station. Catastrophic bushfires often plague the country and satellites have proven highly effective in the past for detecting and observing the movement of bushfires.

However, the tourism sector, both local and international, will also be greatly benefitted by this project. Gilmour Space Technologies already anticipates an astonishing turnout of more than 20,000 people at the first launch from the new spaceport.

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