Gilmour Space Technologies secures deal with Space Machines Company for 2022 launch

26th Sep 2020
Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies

On September 9th, Gilmour Space Technologies announced its partnership with Space Machines Company. Gilmour, an Australian launch provider, secured Space Machines Company as a client for its Eris rocket launch. This event is due to occur in 2022, and so far, Gilmour has already completed several successful launches. According to Adam Gilmour, the company CEO, by 2025 they will be executing up to 12 launches each year.

Gilmour Space Technologies & Space Machines Company Collaboration 

Gilmour Space Technologies is an Australian enterprise designing and building hybrid rockets. Like many present-day aerospace companies, this launch provider is focusing on small satellites and CubeSats. Its rocket, Eris, is designed to carry up to 305 kg into equatorial orbits, the same payload to Low Earth Orbit, and a slightly lesser weight of 215 kg to sun-synchronous orbit. The company’s orbital engines were successfully tested back in 2018, and now Gilmour is justly considered one of the leading Australian launch providers. 

Space Machines Company, just like Gilmour Space Technologies, is also an Australian company. They are developing in-space transportation and are launching small satellites into Low Earth, Geostationary, and cis-lunar orbits. The upcoming contract will ensure launching a 35-kg spacecraft into orbit. So far, this is the largest quantity of cargo announced by the Australian company.

Chief Executives of Gilmour Space Technologies signing the contract with Space Machines Company
Chief Executives of Gilmour Space Technologies signing the contract with Space Machines Company

Company CEOs on upcoming collaboration 

Both Gilmour Space Technologies and Space Machines Company are very optimistic about future collaboration. Adam Gilmour is excited by the fact that in 2022, their Australian-made rocket will deliver an Australian-made spacecraft into orbit. This is going to be the first, exclusively Australian launch and definitely an event to look forward to.

In their turn, Space Machines Company are delighted to support their homelands aerospace industry and Gilmour’s first commercial flight. According to Rajat Kulshrestha, the company’s co-founder, this is going to be a very important milestone for the Australian aerospace industry in general and both companies in particular. 

While the public does not yet have any other details on the upcoming launch, it is still possible to assume that this liftoff will most likely become the first of many Australian spacecraft deliveries. Both Gilmour Space Technologies and Space Machines Company support the fact that this launch is vital for the Australian aerospace industry. 

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