Shetland Space Centre Has Submitted an Expression of Interest in Scatsta Airport

14th Aug 2020
Shetland Space Centre Has Submitted an Expression of Interest in Scatsta Airport

The Shetland Space Centre has expressed its interest in the buildings at Skatsta Airport, located on the island of Unst. The airport closed down after gas and oil flights moved to Sumburgh.

Shetland Space Centre chief executive, Frank Strang said that his company is eyeing the closed down airport to use it as a base to launch satellites from Unst. Strang continued to say that the airport’s planned use as a rocket launch operational base will bring life back to the airport.

Shetland Space Centre Submits Expression of Interest

Shetlands Islands Council owns the airport’s buildings. Anyone interested in the buildings should submit an expression of interest before the end of July. As such, SSC has already submitted its expression of interest to the Council.

Shetland Space Centre
An artist impression of the proposed Shetland Space Centre.

There is also an economic investment by the Scottish and UK governments to support projects in the Scottish Islands to the tune of £100 million. The good news for Shetland Space Centre is that the company’s project has been included in the bid and is poised to benefit from the investment.Â

Welcome Boost to Shetland

Strang also added that he is thrilled with the possibility of the Shetland Space Centre getting funding from both governments. He continued to state that these are difficult economic times. Such initiatives by the government will go a long way in helping companies like Shetland Space Centre further their schedule and meet their objectives.

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