Quantum Satellite Launch in July 2021: Principal Innovations to Expect More

25th Jul 2021
Quantum Satellite Launch in July 2021: Principal Innovations to Expect More

Satellites launch quite regularly these days, and we think that nothing extraordinary can happen in this field. They get better, or cheaper, or on the contrary, pricier. But the European Space Agency, with its Quantum satellite, has found a way to surprise us all. Quantum is scheduled for launch later this month, and its principal difference is that this spacecraft can be reprogrammed after launch. It will operate for 15 years, and there’s a lot that can change during that time. For example, Quantum will adjust its signal’s strength, range of frequency, bandwidth, and coverage.

Quantum Satellite Launch Is Possible Thanks to the Union of European Companies

Today, both international corporations and relatively smaller businesses launch satellites into required orbits. But Quantum is an unprecedented project, so it took several European Space market players to make it possible. The UK Space Agency was backed up by Eutelsat, Airbus Defence, and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. The developers and operators expect Quantum to start its service by October. The first clients’ names have not yet been revealed to the public.

Quantum Satellites in Numbers

This project is outstanding in many different aspects, starting with its price of 300 million. Almost a third of it was contributed by the UK Space Agency.

As already mentioned, Quantum estimated operation time is 15 years. This satellite, weighing 3.5 tons, can be reprogrammed with the help of a special programme. Mission adjustment will be possible even at the geostationary orbit, at 48 degrees east longitude.

Quantum satellite launch will take place on 27th July 2021. This spacecraft is a new step in the satellites launch industry. Not only do its characteristics meet the latest market demand, but the spacecraft can change its setting on the go to meet the customers’ requirements as they change. The technology is something that the satellites launch market has been anticipating for quite a while.

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