The Most Anticipated January Space Events

4th Jan 2023
The Most Anticipated January Space Events

2023 starts with a bunch of fascinating space events, conferences, and lectures. From exploring science-fiction multiverses theories to deep diving into the dark matter world, the OrbitalToday team has prepared a list of space events in January 2023 in the UK you will want to attend. Hurry up and buy tickets!

The Science of The Multiverse: Do Parallel Universes Exist?

When: 6 January

Where: Juju’s Bar and Stage 15 Hanbury Street London E1 6QR United Kingdom

You probably heard about multiple universes and parallel worlds thanks to the movies like Marvel CU, Rick & Morty, and Stranger Things. But scientists are becoming convinced that multiverses are real and that there are many more hidden universes than our own!

In physics, multiverses appear all over the place. Multiverses have also been invoked to explain why our Universe seems peculiarly well set up for life to exist. Harry Cliff, a particle physicist, gives us a tour of the multiverse in this talk. He examines why many scientists are interested in it and wonders if humans will ever be able to travel to these other planets.

NASA – Learning to forget?

When: 9 January

Where: Space Park Leicester 92 Corporation Road Leicester LE4 5SP United Kingdom

NASA is one of the most well-known space agencies in the world. We all know about its biggest missions; it is at the centre of our attention. Still, it also makes mistakes. 

In his lecture, Dr Bennett will explore the nature and consequences of political and social pressures on NASA by examining three of the space agency’s most dramatic failures: the 1967 Apollo 1 fire, the 1986 Challenger STS loss, and the 2003 Columbia loss.

Quantum Physics for Beginners with Dr Michael Brooks

When: 11 January

Where: Market House 443 Coldharbour Lane London SW9 8LN United Kingdom

Ever wondered about what makes up an atom, if Schrödinger really had a cat or if parallel universes can actually exist? You can get answers to all your burning questions in this talk with Dr. Michael Brooks! 

Quantum theory tells us there is a whole reality beyond what you can see. Did you know that the atoms which make up our body can exist in two places at once and can even influence matter across the Universe?

Black Holes, Asteroids and Galaxies with Astrophysicist Dr Becky Smethurst

When: 12 January

Where: London, Finsbury Park 17 City North Place London N4 3FU United Kingdom

Every now and then, a space story will hit the headlines, like the first sound recording of a black hole or a spacecraft slamming itself into the side of an asteroid. Dr Becky Smethurst is an astrophysicist at Oxford University, and she spends all day every day studying the biggest questions facing humankind before neatly summarising the key facts for her 500k subscribers on YouTube.

Supercomputers and AI Accelerating Space Exploration on the ISS

When: 17 January

Where: National Liberal Club Whitehall Place SW1A 2HE London SW1A 2HE United Kingdom

With the first-ever in-space commercial edge computing and Artificial Intelligence capabilities on the International Space Station, Dr. Ben Bennett from Hewlett Packard Enterprises will present, discuss, and respond to your challenging questions about how supercomputing is accelerating space exploration.

Ben will discuss how NASA’s approach has changed from creating computers that never crash to creating computers that crash safely and what that means for the business of space travel. This will be illustrated with examples from Apollo 11 & Apollo 13 and how the mission to Mars will have to be managed differently, from both transit and habitation aspects.

The Mystery Behind the Positive Universe (in-person talk)

When: 18 January

Where: Inner Space Cambridge 6 King’s Parade Cambridge CB2 1SJ United Kingdom

Dr Prashant Kakoday is based in Cambridge and has a background in E.N.T. surgery and integrated health. His main interest is in the relationship between the psyche, emotions, behaviour and health. Prashant has spoken on these subjects in many countries and institutions, including the W.H.O. and the Medical Teaching Program within the U.S.A.

An Evening of Astronomy with Dr Nick Lister

When: 19 January

Where: Lawrence House Astronomy & Space Science Centre Broadway Fleetwood FY7 8JW United Kingdom

Brace yourself for Dr. Nick Lister’s mind-bending, time-travel adventure around the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond! Artist Tina Dempsey warmly welcomes you to an evening of astronomy with the great Dr. Nick Lister as part of her Art & Science residency with Wyre Council.

How did the earth get started? How do stars form? Is there an end to the Universe? Join the event to discover the answers to these and other questions. After the discussion, you’ll have a chance to ask Nick any questions regarding anything astronomical!

NoRCEL’s BLUE EARTH PROJECT, BEP2023: Is it time for Planet B?

When: 21 January

Where: ONLINE & at Quarry Hill Campus, Leeds City College Playhouse Square LEEDS LS2 7BS United Kingdom

Join a panel of scientists as they discuss if it is time for Planet B. A free science-in-society event. Where does our responsibility for the ecosystem that we depend upon lie? Whatever the answer, humanity’s future depends on sound action and must not be left to speculative visions. Join a panel discussion about human exploration and responsibility, covering a range of perspectives, including existential risk, planetary science, biodiversity, the future of humanity and anthropology.

China In Space – The Science, Observation and Application Programmes with Brian Harvey

When: 21 January

Where: Online via Zoom

Brian Harvey will discuss the history, context, and evaluation of China’s space science, observation, and application programs.

Irishman Brian Harvey is a space travel author and broadcaster. His most recent work, China in Space – The Great Leap (2nd edition, Springer-Paxis, 2019), is also available in Chinese. He has written a number of histories of the Chinese space program. In the course of its preparation, he met Yang Liwei, China’s first man in space, and Liu Yang, China’s first woman in space.

Our Dark Universe: The Science of Dark Matter

When: 23 January

Where: Market House 443 Coldharbour Lane London SW9 8LN United Kingdom

Over the final decades of the 20th century, astronomers realised that most of the Universe was missing. In fact, every galaxy, every star, every planet, every spec of dust in the night sky accounts for just 5% of the Universe. The remaining 95% is completely unknown, dominated by enigmatic substances called dark matter and dark energy. 

Dr. Harry Cliff, a particle physicist, gives us a tour through the Dark Universe in this intriguing discussion. He discusses how we came to realise that most of the Universe are missing as well as the ongoing investigation into its true nature.

Orbit South Central: January 2023

When: 25 January

Where: Portsmouth Technopole Kingston Crescent Portsmouth PO2 8FA United Kingdom

Space South Central is to host the monthly networking event, ORBIT SOUTH CENTRAL. The event aims at bringing together influential figures in the UK space business and providing a chance to learn about local space-related initiatives, as well as to discuss the industry on both a local and national level. This is a great opportunity to hear the latest news, and funding opportunities whilst listening to experts across the sector share their thoughts and ideas. 

We hope you found at least one January space event to visit at the beginning of 2023. Book your tickets and schedule dates in the calendar not to miss them! We’ll be glad if you can share your impressions after attending the events on our Twitter page. 

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