Scotland’s space ambitions in week of Apollo 11 anniversary

30th Aug 2019
Scotland’s space ambitions in week of Apollo 11 anniversary

When it comes to the Space business and the technology around it, Scotland is experiencing a lot more attention than its southern neighbours within the UK and quite rightly so, as it has carved out a significant reputation as a worldwide market leader in the provision of space technology.

The majority of Europe’s satellites and related hardware are manufactured in Glasgow by companies such as Clydespace, Spire and Alba Orbital as well as around 130 companies in total around Scotland contributing to the Space industry overall, spanning across multiple areas of expertise from software development to launch services.

With the UK overall on the edge of a new Space Age and the UK Government, as well as the UK Space Agency, committing to ensuring the commercial enterprises get the financial and legislative support required, various announcements have been made outlining what precisely is being done to support businesses and the industry overall.

In the week of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the UK’s Science Minister, Chris Skidmore, spoke about the government’s commitment to Space, during a speech in which he praised the already well-established sector with considerable references to Scotland’s contribution.

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