John Hanley To Take On Space’s Global Challenges

4th Sep 2022
John Hanley To Take On Space’s Global Challenges

Last month, we brought you the news that John Hanley was the new chair of UKSpace, the British space industry trade association. 

He has now been speaking about the challenges the global space sector faces. He’s focused on delivering the message that it is critical to tackle these issues now. Doing so provides a route for prosperity in the future for citizens and businesses in the UK. 

Progress has been monumental, but we need to keep moving forward

Hanley has been speaking about the progress we have made. He cited that images from space have helped us in terms of better understanding and mitigating climate change, securing green energy supplies, and improving crop yield, as well as supporting our emergency and security services. 

“Throughout my 25 years in the space sector, I have been amazed at how much space technology and space data has increasingly impacted the way society goes about its everyday life. We can, and must, maximise the benefits that come from space as we are facing global headwinds and increasing societal challenges.”

Hanley says the time is now

The message is clear. Hanley believes that we need to double down on supporting the space economy so that we can prepare UK citizens and businesses for future prosperity and address the global issues we face. 

“Space is a global endeavour – and nationally we have punched above our weight. Much of our success has been built upon strong foundations of partnership working – not just across industry supply chains, but also with our world-class research base which underpins our future endeavours, and with Government as they set the policy and regulatory framework for space in both the civil and military domains.

“Over the next two years, as we move towards the next Comprehensive Spending Review, I want us to build on this approach, and I am looking forward to UKSpace playing its role in strengthening these partnerships and driving our future success. To do this, we must support the UK’s space industry – from start-ups to multi-nationals – to deliver services that enable innovation across many British industries, protect our national security, and provide many more breakthroughs in scientific understanding.”

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