“Project Hail Mary” Space Movie With Ryan Gosling: What We Know So Far?

17th Apr 2024
“Project Hail Mary” Space Movie With Ryan Gosling: What We Know So Far?

Fans of “The Martian,” space adventures, and Ryan Gosling are about to get some great news soon! A long-gestating “Project Hail Mary” received the first update and story details in two years from “Solo” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

In a new space movie, “Project Hail Mary,” Ryan Gosling will star as an astronaut stranded alone on a spaceship and tasked with saving the Earth. Critics have already predicted that the thrilling sci-fi adventure will resemble “The Martian.” Filming is scheduled to begin no earlier than June 2024. But for now, let’s discover everything we know about this movie so far!

New Space Movie “Project Hail Mary” Details

Release: 2026

Star: Ryan Gosling

Writer: Andy Weir

Director: Christopher Miller and Phil Lord

Producers: Ryan Gosling, Andy Weir, Amy Pascal, Aditya Sood, Christopher Miller, Ken Kao, and Phil Lord

Executive producer: Will Allegra

Plot: an astronaut tries to save Earth while alone in outer space

Genre: sci-fi

What Is “Project Hail Mary” New Space Movie About?

The events take place in the ‘near future’. A school teacher-turned-astronaut, Ryland Grace (portrayed by Ryan Gosling) wakes up from a coma with no memories. Trying to figure out where he is and what happened, he discovers that he is the only survival of the mission crew that was sent to the Tau Ceti solar system, 12 light-years from Earth. Of course, the mission is to save the Earth and, if possible, survive and return home.

While unravelling the mystery of his identity, he also faces the challenge of being brave enough to escape his predicament.

Andy Weir’s “Project Hail Mary” Novel

The new space movie “Project Hail Mary” is based on Andy Weir’s novel written in 2021. The novel celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, scientific wonder, and an individual’s adaptability under impossible circumstances.

Andy Weir book
Credit: reactormag

The novel’s plot for you to compare: an astronaut, Ryland Grace, awakens to find himself the only survivor of a desperate space mission. He is unaware of neither his identity nor the task he has to solve. The astronaut is stranded millions of miles from home with his two crewmates dead. The situation is even more complicated because Ryland has to return his memory before realising what to do. Alone in space, he must decipher a complex scientific puzzle to save the whole of humanity from extinction, with time ticking away and no one nearby to help.

How The Novel Became A Movie?

The start of work on the film became known in March 2020. Information has emerged that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures is close to concluding a deal to acquire the rights to Andy Weir’s novel “Ave Maria”. Michael De Luca purchased the rights to the novel from MGM for $3 million. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were hired as film directors and producers in May. Also, Drew Goddard signed on to write the script the following month, with the film tentatively titled Ave Maria.

Finally, Gosling joined the project as a star and producer when Metro-Goldwyn-Myer acquired the adaptation rights to The Martian author Andy Weir’s 2021 sci-fi novel ahead of its release in 2020.

What Was The “Project Hail Mary” Inspired By?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller drew inspiration from their experience on “Solo” for “Project Hail Mary.” The new space movie promises to follow up on Ridley Scott’s biggest-ever box office hit, “The Martian.”

The Martian
Credit: screenrant

“Project Hail Mary” – Perfect For Fans Of “The Martian”

Fans of Ridley Scott’s “The Martian”, where an astronaut battles to survive on Mars with limited resources, will definitely love “Project Hail Mary”. Interestingly, both stories come from the mind of Andy Weir.

However, “Project Hail Mary” seems to be different from “The Martian” because it’s about the astronaut trying to save Earth, not just surviving alone.

Filming Is Scheduled To Begin In June 2024 In The UK

Though an exact start date has yet to be announced, production on Project Hail Mary should begin in June 2024. Notably, this follows Lord and Miller’s work on “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” and other projects, while Gosling has upcoming films like “Barbie” and “The Fall Guy”.

In April 2024, Amazon MGM Studios, which acquired MGM in 2022, announced a possible 2026 release window for the film. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures will distribute the film.

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