Sussex Scientists Join NASA’s Galaxy Probe Project

29th Mar 2024
Sussex Scientists Join NASA’s Galaxy Probe Project

Sussex researchers have obtained substantial funding to lead a NASA space research project. The UK Space Agency has chosen a team from the University of Sussex as part of a £7m investment in space research.

What The Sussex Team Will Investigate?

The researchers will work on the developments for a potential probe mission that aims to study the formation of planetary systems and the evolution of galaxies. The team from Sussex will assume a leading role in the project together with other scientists from Cardiff, London, and Oxfordshire.

A spokesperson from Sussex University stated that their team had shown “exceptional scientific proficiency in key domains of space science and exploration technology.”

“Amazing Track Record”

Also, Rosemary Coogan, who graduated in astrophysics from the University of Sussex, is preparing to become the UK’s third astronaut. In 2022, the European Space Agency chose her as an astronaut trainee.

“The UK has an amazing track record in developing new space technology and providing data analysis that allows astronomers to see processes in galaxies, stars and planetary systems that would otherwise be hidden to conventional optical telescopes. We are very excited to start work with our US partners on developing exceptional space mission concepts,” said professor of astrophysics at the University of Sussex Seb Oliver.

What Is The UK Space Agency’s Funding For?

The funding provided by the UK Space Agency empowers scientists and engineers to actively participate in significant international space science missions in close collaboration with other space agencies across the globe.

What Is NASA’s Galaxy Probe Project?

The goal of the galaxy probe project is to investigate the formation and evolution of galaxies and planetary systems, their development and transformation over time.

NASA’s project is a great advancement for UK space science. With funding from the UK Space Agency, British scientists and experts get a chance to contribute to large-scale global space missions. This is a significant opportunity for the country’s space exploration endeavours.

Currently, another research group based in Sussex is collaborating with NASA on a mission searching for water on one of Jupiter’s moons.

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