OneWeb Founder’s Satellite Launch Plans

8th Mar 2022
OneWeb Founder’s Satellite Launch Plans

Greg Wyler has revealed some interesting new launch plans for his satellites. The founder of OneWeb is aiming to put 100,000 new satellites into orbit via his latest E-Space venture. So far, Wyler and his company have raised $50 million in funding from an investment fund known as Prime Movers Lab that helps out science start-ups. Let’s find out more.

New satellites launch into space

The new venture will create a gigantic network of small-scale satellites that will help both governmental and commercial services. Such satellites will be used in infrastructure management and secure communications. However, a lot of people are worried about the problems of space collisions.

Space Debris

The number of satellites orbiting Earth has risen by 50% since 2019. This is mainly because commercial groups are making use of cheap satellite launch opportunities to take advantage of the low Earth orbit launch market. The LEO comprises the area of space 150km above the Earth’s surface. The European Space Agency currently puts an estimate of 330 million pieces of space junk orbiting Earth.

New technological feats

Wyler and OneWeb have plans to tackle the problems of space debris. He has stated that his venture will leave the low Earth orbit much cleaner after all planned satellites are launched up there. The entrepreneur plans to de-orbit satellites that aren’t being used and pieces of junk out of space. His satellites will also have a much smaller cross-section than those of OneWeb competitors. They will be able to break apart much more easily when struck, reducing possible damage after launch.

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