11 Space-Themed Easter Egg Design Ideas That Are Easy And Fun

26th Mar 2024
11 Space-Themed Easter Egg Design Ideas That Are Easy And Fun

Holidays are a great opportunity to show your creativity, spend some time with family and kids, decorating house and eggs for Easter. If these time you are looking for some extra inspiration and want to try something new, check out these space-themed Easter egg ideas. From simple galaxy eggs to funny NASA astronauts – we have prepared easy-to-do Easter egg decorating ideas for all space fans!

Galaxy Easter eggs ideas

If you’re looking for fresh ideas to decorate Easter eggs this year, try turning to space for inspiration. With vibrant colours, beautiful patterns and no limits when it comes to imagination, space-themed Easter egg decoration might bring you lots of fun and joy.

Galaxy Easter eggs to do with your kids

Prepare some dark blue, navy, purple, red and gold paints. Acrylic works better, but consider gouache or some other washable option for smaller kids.

space themed easter eggs with kids
Credit: adventure-in-a-box.com

Encourage children to experiment with different patterns and techniques, such as swirls, spirals, or even painting specific constellations.

galaxy easter eggs
Credit: Pinterest

You can use a sponge for gradients.

space easter eggs
Credit: bhg.com

When you set the background, add smaller details like pale white or gold dots that will look like stars.

Galaxy easter eggs ideas
Credit: dreamalittlebigger

Galaxy Easter eggs – last-minute ideas

Don’t have enough time? Abstract patterns and mixing colours will work for you, as space is all about swirls, waves, and shades.

Colourful galaxy easter eggs
Credit: Pinterest / Moriah Logan

Solar System Eggs for Easter

The planets of the Solar System might inspire your space-themed Easter eggs.

solar system easter eggs decoration
Credit: Pinterest

Try to represent reddish Mars, blue and green Earth, cold blue Uranus and Neptune, add swirls and stripes to sandy-yellow Jupiter, and consider rings for Saturn.

Solar System - palnets - Easter Eggs ideas
Credit: redtedart

Simple paper rings for the gas planets

space Easter Egg
Credit: redtedart

Space-themed Easter eggs – easy ideas

Just look at these cute astronauts! Decorating eggs like this won’t take much time. All you need is clean white eggs (for spacesuits) and blue, red, and black paints for faces and details. You can even try adding elements with felt-tip pens.

 easter eggs astronauts
Credit: Eatsy.com

Be creative! Why not decorate Easter eggs with funny faces of aliens? Bet your kids will love it!

space themed ester eggs
Credit: Pinterest

Don’t have enough time? Just paint the eggs with dark blue or purple colour and add white dots. You’ll get cute and minimalistic space-themed Easter eggs.

simple galaxy easter egg
Credit: iflscience.com

That’s all folks! Hope you have found some inspiring decorating ideas to try this Easter! Share your space-themed Easter eggs on social media and tag OrbitalToday!

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