Chinese Scientists Develop Microwave Weapon Capable Of Destroying Satellites 

12th Feb 2024
Chinese Scientists Develop Microwave Weapon Capable Of Destroying Satellites 

Chinese scientists have recently unveiled a new high-powered engine-based microwave weapon (HPM). Significantly, the HPM – which uses electromagnetic waves – has the power to purportedly shoot down satellites. This is in addition to boasting capabilities of targeting other military assets such as drones. The story first broke in the South China Morning Post, which stated the weapon can be mounted to a moving vehicle. However, the true nature and purpose of the weapon remains to be seen, with China purely disclosing that the HPM has been built. 

The High-Powered Microwave Weapon 

In a research paper titled High Powered Laser and Particle Beams, lead researcher Xu Ce and his consortium of scientists outlined the methodology of building the weapon. It was built using four Stirling engines, and successfully miniaturised for use onboard vehicles. Previously, China’s State Shipbuilding Corporation called the Stirling engine: “the largest single-engine power known in the world.” 

According to the South China Morning Post, the HPM uses mechanical energy that is converted from thermal energy. From there, the power generated has the capacity to destroy many military and communication assets. Equally, it has the range to shoot down integral satellites in Earth’s orbit. 

Although this detail hasn’t been directly expressed by China, the development isn’t one to shy away from. The HMP is reportedly the first microwave weapon built using Stirling engines – South China Morning Post said. “To compact and miniaturise the high-power microwave system and reduce the energy consumption of the magnet system, the superconducting magnet which generates the guiding magnetic field is studied and designed,” Xu Ce explained. 

Should The West Be Worried?

As technology progresses, weapons are becoming more advanced and able to reach Earth’s orbit. Recently, a missile that was targeting Israel flew outside the atmosphere before being shot down. Russia has also threatened to shoot down Western satellites if the West’s involvement in the Ukraine war escalates. Therefore, technological advancements in HPM weaponry would see hairs raising. However, current information doesn’t suggest the weapon is going to be used against ‘enemy’ assets. 

Is The HPM Just A New Weapon & Nothing More? 

Much like the West, China is developing many new technologies across all sectors including space. And it’s not a new revelation that they are adding more weaponry to their stockpile. In fact, many of China’s breakthroughs could be considered a betterment for humanity. 

China has recently unveiled the largest dark matter research facility ever built. They have also been making stark technological advancements in methane-powered rockets. Therefore, China may not have nefarious plans for the HPM. In actuality, it may be stored for a worst-case scenario. 

However, much of China’s developments are on a need-to-know basis – much like the six undisclosed spacecraft transported to orbit in December last year. So, time will tell what the true purpose of the weapon is and if satellites are really in danger.    

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