Must-Visit Space Events of February 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide in the UK

31st Jan 2024
Must-Visit Space Events of February 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide in the UK

Welcome, space enthusiasts! There is no time for a long introduction since there are many things you can see, learn, and be amazed about. So, let’s discover the top space events in the UK this February with our concise guide. We’ve got your cosmic calendar covered!

Astronomy at Stonehaugh -Future Endeavours

When: 2 February

Where: Stonehaugh Activity Centre, Stonehaugh Stargazing Pavilion Stonehaugh Hexham NE483DZ United Kingdom

Let’s discuss the future of mankind. Does it lie out there in the cosmos? Can we survive off-world? What difficulties must we overcome, and what technologies are currently being produced to make this possible? Come and find out! The event will proceed regardless of the weather. You can have fun in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, if you get involved fully and immerse yourself in the night.

The Universe in a Box

When: 5 February

Where: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street London W1S 4BS United Kingdom

Andrew Pontzen will introduce the universe through a digital lens, showing how teams of physicists work with computers to unlock cosmic mysteries. Drawing on his research, Pontzen will discuss how the farthest reaches of the cosmos can be studied here on Earth using simulations.

Pontzen will explore how these computer simulations strongly influence the weirdest ideas in cosmology, from black holes to dark matter. In the picture that emerges from this work, the formation of Earth can be traced back to quantum effects in the early universe. The lecture will delve into the history of simulations to draw out surprising links between weather forecasting, nuclear war and space. It will also highlight simulations’ hidden weaknesses, explaining why they are intrinsically flawed yet still mighty in our quest to understand our place in the universe.

Exploring the Dark Universe with the Euclid Space Telescope

Credit: ESA

When: 6 February

Where: UCLan Harrington Building, Victoria Street Preston PR1 7QS United Kingdom

Roughly 7 billion years ago, the expansion of the Universe began to accelerate. It continues to accelerate to this day. Why this is happening is one of nature’s great mysteries and has big implications for our Universe’s future. To address this question, the European Space Agency has created the Euclid space telescope. Euclid was launched in July 2023 and is expected to revolutionise our understanding by mapping the “Dark Universe”. In the talk, Dr Alex Hall will describe the Euclid mission and present early results that showcase the stunning image quality of the telescope.

Trends in SpaceTech

When: 7 February

Where: Sheffield Haworth, Forum St Paul’s 33 Gutter Lane London EC2V 8AS United Kingdom

The global space industry once considered a low-growth domain of governments and companies with “space heritage” only— is now one of the hottest sectors in tech — especially in the UK. Over 1,500 organizations with a combined income of £17.5 billion are active here today, according to the UK Space Agency.

The World Economic Forum says global satellite launch traffic in low-earth orbit is now 27 times higher than ten years ago. WiTT has assembled a panel of experts to discuss these and other trends and issues in SpaceTech. The speakers will provide an introduction to the sector, examine some of the hottest areas of private investment, and offer potential solutions to the issues of debris and sustainability. 

Build Your Own Rocket! With a space engineer (for Kids 5-8)

When: 10 February

Where: Hammersmith, London, UKHammersmith, London, UK Hammersmith United Kingdom

An exciting in-person event in Hammersmith, London, where your kid can unleash your inner rocket scientist! Get ready to dive into the world of space exploration with a real-life space engineer as your guide. Learn the secrets of rocket building, from design to launch. This hands-on workshop will take your child on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your kid’s passion for space and create their own rocket. Get ready to reach for the stars!

The workshop sparks imagination and encourages children to ask questions, experiment, and discover the magic of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM).

Beginners Guide to the Night Sky! Yorkshire Dales

When: 19 February

Where: Low Mill Outdoor Centre, Askrigg Leyburn DL8 3HZ, United Kingdom

Join the Beginner’s Guide to the Night Sky event and embark on a celestial journey led by astronomer Richard Darn. After the stargazing adventure, relish the warmth of delicious hot chocolate and cookies supplied by Low Mill. An evening filled with wonder awaits—book your spot now for a night of cosmic exploration! This event is suitable for adults and children over six years old and is perfect for novices.

The Science of The Multiverse: Do Parallel Universes Exist?

When: 21 February

Where: Brighthelm Centre, North Road Brighton BN1 1YD United Kingdom

Multiple universes and parallel worlds are all the rage in film and TV these days from the Marvel cinematic universe to Stranger Things. But multiverses are more than just fiction, many scientists are increasingly convinced that our universe is just one of a vast number of hidden worlds.

Multiverses crop up all over the place in physics. The modern Big Bang theory suggests that our Universe was just one of an effectively infinite number that is continuously being birthed. Some quantum physicists even argue that every time a choice is made, the universe branches into two parallel worlds. Multiverses have also been invoked to explain why our Universe seems peculiarly well set up for life to exist.

However, the idea of the multiverse is also hugely controversial, striking at the heart of what it means to do science. In this talk, Dr Michael Brooks takes us on a tour of the multiverse, exploring why it’s being taken seriously by many scientists and asking whether we’ll ever be able to access these other worlds.

A Journey into Space – Early Years Show

When: 25 February

Where: Southend Central Museum & Planetarium, Victoria Avenue Southend-on-Sea SS2 6EW United Kingdom

Blast off in the Planetarium rocket ship on this “Journey into Space”, a show specially curated for younger children. A perfect way for all aspiring astronauts and astronomers to begin their exploration of space. This show lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Are you ready for a month full of astronomical delights, insightful gatherings, and stargazing? Book your spot now to attend some of the space events in February and ignite your passion for the cosmos!

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