NASA unveils a free streaming platform NASA+

8th Nov 2023
NASA unveils a free streaming platform NASA+

On 8th November, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is launching its own free streaming platform called “NASA+”.

What is NASA+? 

The NASA+ channel is a component of the agency’s strategy introduced in July 2023 to modernise its communications reach. This initiative also includes enhancements to NASA’s websites and upgrades to the NASA app. The main objective of this project is to simplify “the way the public interacts with our online content”, said Jeff Seaton, the Chief Information Officer at the agency’s headquarters.

The streaming platform will set itself apart from the agency’s existing platform, NASA TV. The new channel will function as an on-demand streaming service, whereas NASA TV operates as a continuous 24/7 programming linear network.

What to watch on NASA’s streaming platform?

The new NASA channel will include a collection of live broadcasts of current space events, missions and research, original video content, and a variety of fresh series. 

“Our upcoming NASA+ videos, in addition to our new science and flagship websites, will present our discovery programs in an interdisciplinary and crosscutting manner. This approach is aimed at fostering stronger connections with our audience, spanning exoplanet research, a deeper understanding of Earth’s climate, the Sun’s impact on our planet, and exploration of the solar system”, stated Nicky Fox, associate administrator of NASA Headquarters’ Science Mission Directorate.

The show “Space Out” offers captivating visuals intended to inspire viewers to relax and immerse themselves in the cosmos, featuring high-definition scenes from Mars’ surface to sunsets on Uranus.

“Other Worlds” will deliver regular updates on the accomplishments of the James Webb Space Telescope, which has been capturing stunning deep-space images since mid-2022. 

In “Explorers”, NASA will narrate the story of the OSIRIS-REx mission, an extraordinary endeavour that has recently returned from deep space with a sample collected from the asteroid Bennu.

Where to watch and what is the cost of NASA+?

NASA+ will be accessible for free through the NASA App on both iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV. It is expected to be completely cost-free, without any subscription fees, since NASA operates as a federally funded agency under Congress. Moreover, the channel will be free of advertisements.

On launch day, the streaming platform NASA+ is gearing up to release additional content and furnish further information.

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