UK Space Agency’s Space for Everyone Tour Inspires Thousands

26th Oct 2023
UK Space Agency’s Space for Everyone Tour Inspires Thousands

The Space for Everyone Tour organised by the UK Space Agency has come to a conclusion, with over 160,000 young people attending the tour and engaging with its exhibits.

The Space for Everyone Tour: Model rocket in Belfast 

The STEAM tour featured a 72-feet replica rocket, and visited 13 different locations around the UK this year to inspire future space professionals and show the importance of the space industry. There was also a focus on careers in the sector for young people.

Matt Archer, UK Space Agency Director of Launch, said:

“Our Space for Everyone tour has achieved phenomenal success, engaging over 160,000 young people about the exciting opportunities in the UK’s fast-growing space sector and highlighting  the wide variety of opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and skill sets.”

Speaking of future ambitions for the UK space sector, Matt Archer explained: “We’re working hard to encourage diversity and inspire young people from all backgrounds and skill sets to ensure the UK space sector remains vibrant, innovative, and above all successful in achieving our goal for the UK to be the leading provider of launch in Europe by 2030.”

As well as interactive exhibits, pupils from over 130 schools and groups were invited to hear talks from experts and learn about careers in the UK space industry. Exhibiting partners included the World Wide Fund for Nature, Orbex, Skyrora and AmbaSat.

UK is looking for young talents

As part of the tour, Imperial College London promoted their new website, I’m a Space Person, which provides free space-based education resources and career tips, job information, and a digital version of the tour.

Dr Simon Foster, Outreach Officer and Teacher from Imperial College London, said:

“We have been delighted to collaborate with the UK Space Agency on their Space for Everyone tour website. The space sector is a huge part of the UK economy and giving young people an understanding of the diverse range of careers on offer and how to access them is vital to ensure that we have a healthy talent pipeline.”

The tour highlights can be seen below. 

The UK Space Agency’s iconic 72-feet replica rocket will now be displayed at Spaceport Cornwall as part of a space exhibition.

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