Harvest Supermoon 2023: Don’t Miss The Full Moon This September

27th Sep 2023
Harvest Supermoon 2023: Don’t Miss The Full Moon This September

Get ready for a spectacular celestial show this Friday, 29 September, as the Harvest Supermoon graces our night sky. This particular full moon is extra special because it’s the fourth supermoon of 2023 and the last one for the year.

But that’s not all – this supermoon won’t be alone in the cosmic parade. Joining the Harvest Moon will be some of the biggest and smallest players in our solar system. Look up, and you’ll spot the giant gas planets Jupiter and Saturn, along with the smallest planet in our solar system, Mercury.

What is the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest Moon is a unique lunar event that carries a rich history and folklore.

It’s called the “Harvest Moon” because it helps farmers gather their crops at night when there’s extra light from the moon. This moon is unique because it looks bigger and brighter than usual. This full moon has various names, including the “Wine Moon,” “Singing Moon,” and “Hunter’s Moon.” These names describe its enduring and bright appearance. It always occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, which falls on Thursday, 22nd September this year.

People have admired the Harvest Moon for a long time, and it has stories and traditions connected to it. Following the Autumn Equinox, it’s like a signal that autumn is here, and it lights up the night sky in a special way. So, when you see the Harvest Moon, it’s a sign that it’s time to celebrate the changing season and get ready for the fall.

Why is the Harvest Moon 2023 so special?

Jupiter and Saturn, with their massive sizes and distinctive rings (in Saturn’s case), will be shining brightly in the night sky. Mercury, the smallest planet closest to the Sun, will also make an appearance, adding to the celestial spectacle.

This gathering of planets and the stunning Harvest Moon offer a perfect opportunity for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts to step outside and witness the beauty of the cosmos. So, mark your calendars and set a reminder for 29 September to catch this extraordinary lunar and planetary display. Don’t forget to bring your telescope or binoculars for an even closer look at these celestial wonders.

How rare is a Harvest Supermoon?

The Harvest Moon is like a special guest in the night sky, and it’s not super rare, but it’s not an everyday thing either. You can expect to see a Harvest Moon once a year, typically in September or October.

Will the September Full Moon be visible in the UK?

Credit: Weather.com

As for the weather conditions, the Met Office warns about Storm Agnes, which will bring strong winds and heavy rain to the UK. However, the good news is that it will become dry on Friday. Hopefully, the dry weather will stay until Saturday night. So, despite there might be some clouds, you might still get a chance to catch the incredible Harvest Supermoon this weekend.

What time does the Supermoon peak in the UK?

As per the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the Harvest Moon will reach its highest point at 10:57 am on Friday, 29 September. However, it’s likely to be most visible the night before when the sky is dark.

How do you celebrate Full Harvest Supermoon?

Nowadays, there’s no specific way to celebrate the Harvest Moon. Still, you can follow some of the celebrating tips and ideas to have fun and meaningful experience. Here are some simple ways to celebrate this special event:

  • Moon Gazing: Find a comfortable spot outside with a clear night sky view. Look up and admire the bright Supermoon. You can even bring a blanket and make it a cosy evening.
  • Campfire Gathering: If you have a safe place for a campfire, invite friends or family over. Roast marshmallows, share stories, and enjoy the warmth of the fire while watching the Supermoon above.
  • Night Picnic: Pack your favourite snacks and picnic under the moonlight. It’s a unique twist on a regular dinner; the moon will provide a lovely natural ambience.
  • Moon-Themed Crafts: Get creative! You can make moon-themed crafts like painting pictures of the moon or creating paper lanterns with moon designs.
  • Harvest Treats: Since it’s the Harvest Moon, you can bake or prepare some autumn-themed treats. Apple pie, pumpkin cookies, or hot apple cider can make the evening feel festive.
  • Moon Music: Create a playlist of songs related to the moon. Play soft music in the background to enhance the moonlit atmosphere. You can also find inspiration by reading the beautiful moon quotes.
  • Gratitude Ritual: Take a moment to reflect on the year’s blessings and express gratitude. Many harvest traditions involve being thankful for what we have.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the beauty of the Supermoon and spend quality time with loved ones. It’s a magical night, and these simple activities can make it even more special.

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