Space Force Relaunches Mission Statement

10th Sep 2023
Space Force Relaunches Mission Statement

The U.S. Space Force (USSF) released an updated mission statement on 6th September. The new statement is “secure our Nation’s interests in, from, and to space.”

Internally sourced Space Force mission statement

In the USSF press release, Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman explained that the new mission statement came from within the organization. Personnel offered 135 responses within two weeks of the first call for input, and the Guardians, as the force’s members are called, came together in focus groups to hammer out the statement.

Elements loaded with meaning

While the nine words of the new mission statement may seem simple, they are in fact a very concise definition of what Space Force does. The USSF explains this in the press release:

“Secure” refers to the Space Force’s formative purpose to contest, and when directed, control the space domain on behalf of the nation and joint force.

“Our Nation’s interests” represents Guardians’ focus on protecting the security and prosperity the U.S. derives from space. It also serves as a reminder that space activities are essential to the American way of life.

“In, from, and to space” references the three core functions of the Space Force, which include securing the Nation’s interests:

  • In space, through space superiority activities that protect the joint force and nation from space and counterspace threats.
  • From space, by delivering global mission operations like satellite communications, positioning, navigation and timing, and missile warning activities.
  • To space, by assured space access through the service’s launch, range and control network infrastructure.

“Our mission statement is a call to action that concisely encapsulates our purpose and identity as Guardians and members of the profession of arms,” Saltzman said.

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