Residents Concerned about Rocket Lab Border Exemptions to Auckland Employees

22nd Nov 2021
Residents Concerned about Rocket Lab Border Exemptions to Auckland Employees

Mahia residents voice their concerns as the leading New Zealand launch provider, Rocket Lab, issues border exemptions to nine employees travelling from Auckland. The community is worried about the Covid-19 spread, especially given that not all residents are double vaccinated.

Mahia Residents Concerns in Detail

According to community representative Puti Moa, the local situation is really intense and allowing non-residents into the area is an unjustified risk. Moa points out that there is no need for a rocket launch when the stakes for community health are so high and believes that Rocket Lab should wait until the risks are lower.

Mahia residents claim to have found out about Rocket Lab Auckland employees travelling to the complex when they spotted unusual activity on the launch site. Moa is not the only community representative concerned for health safety. Dr Murray Olsen, a former physician and local resident, joins to share his concerns. He adds that Covid-19 has been escaping Auckland for a while now, penetrating waters in Napier and Gisbourne.

Olsen emphasises that only 68% of the local residents are fully vaccinated. Moa goes even further, recalling the 1800s and 1900s plague when most locals died, and urges the community to learn from history.

Rocket Lab Response & Precautions

Despite growing community concerns, Rocket Lab is ready to follow all necessary protection measures to ensure maximum safety. The company spokesperson claims that all nine employees who would be joining Rocket Lab facilities before the upcoming launch are double vaccinated and will be additionally tested for Covid-19.

Rocket Lab employees will also be segregated from the rest of the company staff throughout the whole launch preparation period. Auckland team members will be living in motorhomes and will have supplies delivered through contactless deliveries.

Still, despite such extensive measures taken by the company, the community is still concerned about Rocket Lab and its travelling Auckland team.

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