Peter Beck from Rocket Lab shares the reason behind his motivation

8th Nov 2021
Peter Beck from Rocket Lab shares the reason behind his motivation

Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab, has had the thought many people had once in their lives. We’ve all glanced up at the night sky at least once or twice through our lives and wondered: What could be hiding out there, among the stars? Peter recently did an interview where he shared his personal feelings behind Rocket Lab’s success and answered private questions regarding his hopes for the future of space travel.

A childhood dream made into reality with Rocket Lab

It seems young Peter shared a special bond with his father as they gazed at the night sky together, dreaming of space flight. While reminiscing of a bygone age, Peter said that it was his earliest childhood memory that really solidified his desire to choose space as a career.

Rocket Lab may have had humble beginnings, but it has certainly picketed up steam recently. The rocket launch company managed to deploy over 100 satellites in 2018, spanned across 18 successful missions. Their Electron rocket has been praised by the industry as a safe and reliable vehicle for cargo transportation.

Rocket Lab recently announced that it would be merging with Vector Acquisition Corp, an acquisition company backed by Vector Capital. The company made a sizable profit of $750 million from the merger, leaving the company with a value of $4.1 billion.

When asked whether he was satisfied with the state of the company, Beck shared that he was glad it had received the recognition it deserved but held his hopes for further success down the line. Rocket Lab has been experiencing serious growth in recent years, with several successful launches and deals paving the way for a bright future. The company currently employs over 600 workers from the Long Beach community.

Peter Beck mentioned that the company has won multi-launch contracts and established long-term partnerships with various customers. According to Mr. Beck, Rocket Lab clients return because they like the experience with the company. He also believes that Rocket Lab is definitely leading the launch market when it comes to reliability and cost-effectiveness.

What does the future hold for Rocket Lab?

It seems things are going more than well for Rocket Lab as it rakes success after success. The company’s rocket has been launched 21 times, with 18 successes and only 3 failures, establishing an excellent success to failure ratio in the industry.

Rocket Lab’s CEO claims that this is just the beginning for the company. The short-term plan is to continue expanding the company through awarded contracts and complete several successful launches throughout 2022. Peter Beck hopes that Rocket Lab will grow enough to have its own launch pad with a launch vehicle built in-house. Rocket Lab CEO wants to put constellations of their own satellites into orbit as well as providing services back on Earth.

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