Jeff Bezos’ Kuiper Holding LLC Seeks Permission to Launch 4538 More Satellites

19th Nov 2021
Jeff Bezos’ Kuiper Holding LLC Seeks Permission to Launch 4538 More Satellites

Blue Origin plans to increase the number of satellites for its Project Kuiper. Jeff Bezos’ company made a request to the FCC about the additional launch. Currently, it has permission to launch 3236 payloads. An additional 4538 will bring the total to 7774.

The launches are part of the company’s Kuiper mission under Kuiper Holding LLC, a subsidiary of Amazon. In addition, Kuiper Systems LLC is seeking the chance to run a non-geostationary fixed-satellite system.

Kuiper to Launch Two Satellite Prototypes in November

Blue Origin’s rocket taking off.

1st November was an important day for the Kuiper mission. The Amazon subsidiary sought permission to launch 2 prototypes into LEO to test the satellites. The event will take place in 2022.

The Kuiper-V system will have a total of 7774 satellites once it gets permission. The system will utilise the V-and Ku-band frequencies at the five altitudes. The inclinations will be between 590 and 650 km and will include two polar shells.

Jeff Bezos’ Kuiper-V System Satellites to Provide High-Speed Broadband Services

Once in the LEO, the 7774 satellites will provide high-speed broadband services across the world. The services will be open to both domestic and international customers. The goal of the additional 4538 payloads is to boost the Kuiper system’s availability.

The outcome will be the chance for more customers to access digital services across the world. Amazon commits to providing many more people with internet access at an affordable price. Once the Kuiper system is up and running, hard-to-reach areas in the US will have better internet access thanks to the increased satellite constellation.

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