Prime Minister Boris Johnson Speaks his Mind on Climate Change at COP26

10th Nov 2021
Prime Minister Boris Johnson Speaks his Mind on Climate Change at COP26

During COP26, Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared some of his thoughts about climate change and global efforts to fight it. The PM was cautiously optimistic about the progress but also confident that the work was far from over.

Boris Johnson on Climate Change Efforts

During the latest COP26 conference, held in Glasgow this year, Boris Johnson expressed some ‘cautious optimism about the joint climate change efforts. The Prime Minister believes that some progress is already being made. Mr Johnson used a couple of flashy metaphors, mentioning the doomsday clock that is still ticking, but also adding that, at least, there is already a team cutting wires and, hopefully, some of those wires are the right ones.

At the same time, Boris Johnson expressed confidence that there is still plenty of work ahead and that developed countries should get ready to contribute more. He added that the eyes of the world are already on the countries that fight to reduce carbon emission levels. When asked about potentially holding a referendum on reaching the UK’s zero-emission goals, the Prime Minister said that the country had had plenty of referendums lately, so there is no reason to hold another one any time soon.

PM on China and Russia Absence During COP26

Of all the countries committed to reducing carbon emission and fighting climate change, China and Russia were the only ones absent during COP26 in Glasgow. However, according to Johnson, the Chinese President’s absence does not mean the country is not committed to fighting climate change. President Xi could not attend COP26 due to the pandemic; however, China has made commitments to reach zero emission levels by 2060, but only time will tell whether this commitment was genuine. Russia, on the other hand, have made no such commitment.

Wrapping up his climate change speech during COP26, Boris Johnson said that reaching pre-industrial carbon emissions levels is a ‘team game.’

Unfortunately, accusations of British government corruption in almost every UK newspaper, overshadowed Boris Johnson’s statement and he had to return to the Glasgow summit to make a statement denying corruption existed in his government.

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