In case you missed it: China Launches Classified Military Satellites Into Orbit

6th Apr 2020
In case you missed it: China Launches Classified Military Satellites Into Orbit

A Long 2C rocket satellite launch was witnessed in China in the last week of March. Three Yaogan 30 units made history as they spectacularly launched into space. The Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was responsible for the manufacture and production of Yaogan 30 units. The event marked the seventh of China’s satellite efforts this year.  

Chinese Satellite Launch Into Space

The Chinese government, on 24th March, conducted a tremendous launch into space. A long March 2C satellite launcher successfully managed to take three Chinese military spacecrafts to a 600- kilometer orbit. The Chinese government is yet to disclose the aligned objectives for the mission, which took place a few moments before midnight.

Reports published by Xinhua News Agency reveal the exact time to be 0343 GMT Tuesday (11:43 p.m. EDT Monday 24th March). The whole spacecraft operation was conducted in Xichang Space Centre, Southern China.

Xinhua News Agency, in its broadcast, claims China’s government has put out three remote sensing units. The gadgets will conduct a survey and pinpoint locations experiencing electro-magnetism as well as perform technological tests.

During the satellite launch, a two-stage Long March 2C rocket on a satellite launcher was used. It delivered the three units to the perfect position projected. 

The three Chinese military units are believed to be part of China’s Yaogan series 30 family. We had confirmed that a similar criterion was used in late 2017, when five Yaogan 30 triplets were officially sent on a Long March 2C rocket in Xichang, China.

Yaogan series of spacecraft is believed to be a tactic employed in the camouflage and secrecy of espionage. Information acquired indicates China uses its military space technology to gather credible intelligence. The government is yet to confirm that these strong allegations are true! 

Regardless, citizens still try to join the dots and quench their desire for information. Some believe the satellite launch is meant to silently trace and track movements of The United States and other foreign naval deployments. Others term it a move to detect and pinpoint locations of devices set to spy on China.

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