Court Upholds Highland Council Decision to Approve the UK’s Sutherland Space Hub Development

19th Sep 2021

The Sutherland Spaceport celebrates victory after a court upheld the decision to move forward with its construction. After billionaire Anders H. Povlsen mounted a legal battle against the launch site, the project was halted for some time.

Recently, Anders had to concede defeat after a court ruled against him. The court chose to uphold the project’s approval by the Highland Council. Wildland Ltd. stated it has no intention to appeal against the decision but still maintains this wasn’t the best outcome.

The company’s CEO, Tim Kirkwood, expressed the profound disappointment with the outcome of a judicial review set up to look into the Sutherland Space Hub. They felt the case had many merits but didn’t see any reason to appeal against the ruling.

He expressed deep reservations related to the project even though there’s so much commitment to it. A lot of steps are underway to ensure it has minimal impact on the environment. However, there are still doubts about how practical these steps will be once the launch site is complete.

The Appeal against the Sutherland Space Hub Centered on the Environment

Setting up the Sutherland Space Hub is to have a launch site for small satellites being launched into LEO (Lower Earth Orbit). According to the UK Space Agency, the launch site will benefit the local economy and create many new jobs. There are plans to have 61 jobs for the local area and over 250 for the region.

However, despite these benefits, Anders Povlsen, through his lawyers, stated there’s still the risk of significant environmental impact once the Sutherland Space Hub is operational.

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