People in Space: Anders Holch Povlsen

31st Aug 2021
People in Space: Anders Holch Povlsen

Whilst not directly connected to the space industry as such, Povlsen has involved himself in it by being one of the most prominent objectors to the Sutherland Spaceport and also by investing in the Shetland Space Centre (now known as Saxa Vord Spaceport).

Anders is a Danish billionaire with a large network of businesses mostly in the fashion industry including the well known ASOS. He is also the largest landowner in Scotland and owns estates adjoining the Melness Estate, where the controversial Sutherland Spaceport is planned to be built. 

Povlsen launched a legal challenge to the granted planning permission through the Scottish Courts but was unsuccessful in doing so. He caused further controversy by investing in a competing launch site in the Shetland Isles, which was cited in a government report as being the preferred and recommended location for a Scottish launch pad.

The company that manages Povlsen’s Scottish property portfolio, Wildland Ltd., also handles bookings for people interested in staying in any of the impressive properties on Anders Povlsen’s estates. They are also very interested in restoring the Scottish landscape to its original natural state prior to the destruction of huge swathes of natural forest etc. to accommodate grazing sheep.

It is likely that Povlsen and his company Wildland Ltd. will take further action or measures in relation to the proposed Sutherland Spaceport.

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