You Can Watch the Live Stream of the next Virgin Orbit Launch Mission

16th Jun 2021
You Can Watch the Live Stream of the next Virgin Orbit Launch Mission

Last January, Virgin Orbit’s launch of the LauncherOne rocket successfully deployed ten satellites into space. And this time, the California-based company is planning on sending seven small satellites to space as part of its upcoming mission this month.

Everything to know about Virgin Orbit’s Launch

Virgin Orbit, headquartered in Long Beach, specialises in developing launch services for small satellites. In its next mission, it will take small satellites for the U.S Department of Defense, as well as the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

If you are fascinated by space, good news for you. Virgin Orbit plans to livestream their next space mission live on YouTube. The entire launch will be broadcasted on the company’s YouTube channel.

Mark Your Calendars for Virgins Orbit’s Live Stream

Virgin Orbit has always kept its launch videos secret. Previously, updates about their space missions were only posted using their social media updates.

This will be the first time Virgin Orbit is going live, covering their entire launch procedure. Viewers will be able to see Launcher One climb to a high altitude. Once the carrier reaches mid-air, the rocket will be launched from a Boeing 747 aircraft specially modified for this particular purpose.

Live streaming spacecraft launch is not a new thing. Even before we had the internet, space missions were live broadcasted on TV. For instance, the Apollo Mission of 1969 helped scientists put people on the Moon.

Presently, companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Rocket Lab have all arranged some form of live streaming for their space missions. SpaceX comes to mind first, as this company showed all of its launch attempts, including failed ones. The upcoming Virgin Orbit’s launch should be as exciting to watch, but we already have reason to believe that the next LauncherOne mission will be a success.

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