Scotland’s space network: A Space Hub for Everyone

21st May 2021
Scotland’s space network: A Space Hub for Everyone

Space exploration requires thousands of experts working alongside each other, and Scotland’s space sector has just that. Successful development of the country’s space sector implies rocket and satellite development; their testing and launching; engines and fuel design and production; satellite data collection and processing, to name just a few. That is why something has to unite different space companies and Scotland has such a platform.

Scotland’s Space Network – Gateway to a Comfortable Future

The Space Network Scotland platform was created in 2014 to stimulate Scotland’s space industry development. To make space more accessible and achieve high results in the space industry, Scotland has been collaborating with research institutes, aerospace companies, and space agencies for years.

Today Space Network Scotland is an independent enterprise with its own portal allowing users to:

  • Find info on Scotland’s space experience and activities.
  • Make use of an online catalog to pick a company that provides the required service.
  • Get funding data.
  • Learn about upcoming space events.
  • Read the latest news and Twitter feed.

On Scotland’s space network website, you can get comprehensive information about the country’s activities in the space industry, find partners or start building your own career in space.

What Does Scotland’s Space Network Include?

Scotland’s Space Network includes a governing board and 24 companies across the space industry, including Skyrora, Spire Global Inc., and many others. All of them have joined in a network to increase their economic and business opportunities for the most effective cooperation.

Spire Global Inc., specialising in data analytics, is one of the top participants. The company uses its own satellite data to provide information necessary for the maritime, aviation, and meteorological industries. Spire owns a satellite constellation and a network of ground stations, so each point on Earth is covered more than a hundred times a day.

Alba Orbital develops and produces PocketQube microsatellites weighing 200-750 gram and manufactures satellite component parts. The company provides consulting services to other organisations manufacturing PocketQube satellites. Alba Orbital satellites are some of the cheapest spacecraft.

Bird.i takes some of the best satellite images in the world. This imagery provides complete and accurate information about our planet’s changes, which is important for business. The company provides services on an ongoing basis, and this information helps its clients make important, sometimes strategic, decisions.

Gore, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, supplies the global market with thousands of cable sets to ensure reliable signal transmission during spacecraft flights. SHF/HF cable assemblies are designed to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures, and shock, preserving its mechanical and electrical integrity.

Rocket manufacturer Skyrora offers a wide range of products for suborbital and orbital flights. Skyrora aims to revive the UK’s peaceful rocket industry and bring the country to the small satellite and CubeSat launch market.

Whatever type of space activity a company or an individual expert is interested in, Scotland’s Space Network can suggest a partner for mutually beneficial collaboration.

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