SpaceX Latest SN11 Rocket Launch Ends in Another Explosion

21st Apr 2021
SpaceX Latest SN11 Rocket Launch Ends in Another Explosion

SpaceX latest SN11 rocket launch was partially successful. The prototype for the new Starship vehicle launched without any problems, carried out a controlled flight for six minutes, but still crashed on landing. The launch took place on 30th March from the company facility in Texas, after a 24-hour delay.

SpaceX SN rocket launch progress & delay causes

Originally, SpaceX SN11 rocket launch was scheduled for 25th March but had to be delayed because the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) inspector could not get to the launch site in time. FAA’s presence has been made obligatory for SpaceX as of 12th March after their SN8 prototype exploded in the air in December.

Even though the locals have reported no damage and no one got injured during the incident, FAA cautioned the company and made their presence obligatory for all subsequent launches. That is how the next SN9 rocket launch was postponed. However, after careful consideration, FAA granted rocket launch permissions to SN9 and SN11 prototypes.

Sadly, both prototypes ended in the same fireball explosion as the SN8 model. Notably, SN10 managed to land but exploded a few minutes after the landing.

As for SpaceX most recent SN11 rocket launch, the Starship did not make it to the landing. It did take off and reached a ten-kilometer altitude, but six minutes into the flight, the cameras cut off. An explosion soon followed but was difficult to see because of foggy weather.

Despite such obvious drawbacks, the SpaceX team is still optimistic and is actively pushing its Starship program further. Even despite three failed attempts in the past few months, the fourth SN rocket launch could be a success.

To date, the company is building and launching its Starship prototypes in Boca Chica, evacuating the locals prior to each launch. Now, the FAA inspector is also given prior launch notice because he has to move between Florida and Texas, which leads to inevitable launch delays.

Eventually, Starship rocket should carry manned crews to the Moon and Mars, so there is no room for mistakes while fine-tuning this tech. But given SpaceX dedication and impressive rocket launch experience, no one can doubt that Starships will soon soar to the skies.

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