BlackSky Secures Rocket Lab for 9 Satellite Launches Across 5 Electron Missions

18th Apr 2021
BlackSky Secures Rocket Lab for 9 Satellite Launches Across 5 Electron Missions

BlackSky, a real-time satellite intelligence provider, has chosen American company, Rocket Lab, for five consecutive satellite launches. So far, this is the largest number of missions BlackSky has awarded to a single launch provider. One of the launches has already taken place, and four more are yet to come. 

BlackSky & Rocket Lab on Mutual Collaboration

On 25th March, Rocket Lab announced that they would carry out multiple launches for BlackSky, the leading provider of geospatial intelligence and real-time monitoring services. Rocket Lab will launch nine BlackSky satellites over five of its Electron rocket missions. One of the satellites has already been launched earlier this month as part of Rocket Lab’s latest rideshare mission, nicknamed “They Go Up So Fast.”

Eight more satellites will be launched over four upcoming missions in 2021. The speed should prove Rocket Lab’s launch responsiveness. Such rapidly-acquired  launch services will increase the number of BlackSky’s satellites in the already existing satellite constellation. To date, BlackSky has three spacecraft in this constellation. All satellites were launched by Rocket Lab – one earlier in March and the other two in 2019. The remaining eight spacecraft should be deployed before the end of the year. Besides, the agreement presupposes additional launch services in late 2021. 

According to Peter Beck, Rocket Lab founder and CEO, their Electron rocket proves company services’ reliability. It brings launch speed and frequency, so vital for companies that want to rapidly grow their business development and their space presence. 

Peter Beck adds that Electron gives clients such as BlackSky real control of their launch schedules. It ensures streamlined access to space and helps BlackSky provide actionable data to its own clients. 

CEO of BlackSky Brian O’Toole supports these claims, saying that Rocket Lab simplifies their access to space. The Electron rocket is the key to rapidly increasing the number of satellites in the BlackSky constellation. Ultimately, it boosts the company’s data processing and analytic capabilities. 

In addition to BlackSky, Rocket Lab has its hands full with other missions. Electron is the second leading US rocket in terms of launch frequency, which explains the steady client flow. Later this year, the company will carry out a mission for the US Air Force, participate in NASA’s moon mission, and service a whole range of commercial companies. So far, Rocket Lab Electron rocket has completed 17 successful missions, deploying over a hundred satellites into different orbits. 

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