Mangata Networks Will Invest £10.5m into Scotland’s Space Sector

6th Apr 2021

Scotland’s space sector potential continues to grow as an American company, Mangata Networks, announced its intention to create a £10.5m R&D centre in Edinburgh. The initiative should create 38 new job opportunities, but this number may eventually grow. The satellite telecommunication company has support from Scottish Enterprise, a national economic development agency. After receiving a £3.6m grant from the agency, Mangata announced its intention to move to Edinburgh. 

Mangata on Scotland’s Space Sector Growth Opportunities & Potential

Mangata Networks is headquartered in Arizona and offers communication services that work on its own proprietary platform or can be integrated into existing networks. The company emphasises affordable satellite connectivity and can apply its expertise in many sectors, including maritime and energy niches and the Internet of Things projects. 

Mangata CEO Brian Holz praises the Scottish space sector, highlighting its key players’ dedication and professionalism. He adds that it’s the local talent that makes Scottish space projects so attractive. Holz also mentioned ongoing conversations with the Scottish 5G Centre and stressed the beginning of a new partnership.

Mark Hallan, an investment director at Scottish Enterprise, also praised Mangata for its professionalism and dedication in creating cutting-edge space communication technologies. Hallan is excited about the collaboration opportunity and is pleased that international companies appreciate the Scottish space industry’s potential. 

To date, the Scottish space sector is developing at a rapid pace. By 2030, its value should grow to £4bn. Even now, around 20% of all space jobs in the UK are based in Scotland, despite its much smaller population than the rest of the UK. 

One of the reasons for Scotland’s space sector rapid growth is strong support from the government. Ivan McKee, Scottish Trade and Innovation Minister, commented on Mangata’s decision to invest in Scottish space sector development. He called the announcement a positive one and stressed that Scotland’s space companies today already produce more satellites than any other area in Europe. 

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