Orbex Space Increases the Demand for Specialists

5th Mar 2021
Orbex Space Increases the Demand for Specialists

Today, space industry jobs are in demand, especially in Scotland. Scottish startup Orbex Space, founded in 2015, is an example of this. Initially called Moonspike, the company strived to launch a spacecraft to the moon. However, the investors did not greet this idea with open arms and the project’s main goal changed its direction, along with its name. Today Orbital Express Launch Ltd (Orbex) is one step away from offering all-inclusive services for launching small satellites and CubeSats into low-earth orbit.

To this end, the company is working on a lightweight Prime launch rocket, which soon may counter its direct competitor Electron from Rocket Lab. Electron and Prime have similar characteristics, however Orbex’s launcher has several advantages:

  • Low-carbon biopropane fuel that minimizes negative impact on the environment
  • Seamless 3D printed engines to handle heavy loads and reduce the carrier’s weight.

The UKSA has selected Orbex as resident and launch provider for one of the first British spaceports, Sutherland Space Hub. Once the site is operational, Orbex Prime will make its first commercial launch from there.

Orbex space vacancies & its growing team

No doubt, in just five years of the company’s existence, it would not be possible to achieve such tangible results without a strong and dedicated team. Orbex has brought together professionals previously employed at NASA, ESA and several other commercial space organizations. Orbex team members have helped develop over 50 rocket engines and a series of orbital and suborbital launchers ( i.e., ATV, Ariane 5 & 6), which collectively have completed 50+ deep space missions. Orbex is constantly working to strengthen its team, offering new space vacancies as the company grows. 

Orbex space vacancies are available to experienced professionals and beginners, willing to contribute to the common cause and explore exciting Orbex Space careers.

To date, Orbex has the following space industry jobs in Scotland and Denmark offices:

  • Embedded Software Test Engineers.
  • Lead Embedded Software Architect (On-Board Software).
  • Software Architect for Mission Control and Ground Segment
  •  Composite Technician.
  •  Composite Design Engineer.  
  • Avionics and Mechanics Technicians.
  • Head of Marketing and other Orbex Space careers.

Candidates interested in Orbex space industry jobs can reach out over email, and the company will consider each application. Aside from meeting professional requirements, a future Orbex employee must be a citizen of a European country that has signed the MTCR, a multilateral export control regime that limits the proliferation of missile technology. Therefore, Orbex space careers are available to citizens of 20+ European countries. 

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