The Race is on as the UK Goes Ahead with the Approval of the Shetland Space Centre

2nd Nov 2020
The Race is on as the UK Goes Ahead with the Approval of the Shetland Space Centre

The UK is celebrating the approval of the Shetland Space Centre (SSC) as it races to start launches by 2022. The approval of the centre is a significant achievement for the country. Its main use will be launching satellites weighing up to 600kg into the less populated lower orbit. 

With SSC approval, the UK hopes to boost its economy while creating hundreds of new jobs. Additionally, it’ll set the UK miles ahead of other European countries setting the pace for the space race. 

By 2025, the satellite launching industry will be worth approximately €5 billion. The UK is hoping to get a 10% chunk of the €400 billion global space market, and this new centre will set them apart from the rest. More so, all the technological advancements that follow the SSC launch will be a giant leap for the country. 

Not to mention, the move is beneficial to Scotland, whose economy will thrive as a result of the space centre. 

What the SSC Means for Scotland

No other place in the UK is as excited as Scotland following the approval of the SSC. Not only will this impact the local economy but also make the area a thriving tourist destination. The SSC will be an excellent location for space enthusiasts and tourists from across the globe. 

The centre will also cement the UK’s position as a global leader and miles ahead in the space race. This will do wonders for its economy by creating hundreds of jobs that can assist in the recovery of the economy after the pandemic. 

What’s significant about the Shetland Space Centre is the fact that it’s designed as a centre that can serve multiple providers at once. This means numerous launch companies can use it in shorter durations and won’t have to wait years. Which is quite the opposite of the Sutherland Space Hub which will only accommodate a single launch provider.

In a bid to further develop the infrastructure at the Spaceport Sutherland, the UK Space Agency has set up a grant to fund the HIE (Highlands and Islands Enterprise). With this, Orbex, the UK launch partner, can complete the first rocket launched from the UK in 2022. 

Scotland is now at the forefront of the global space race and many UK residents are excited about the future. Equally important, the SSC will boost the area’s capabilities for vertical launches that are already in place.

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