NASA and the UK Space Agency Accept the Moon Agreement

23rd Oct 2020
NASA and the UK Space Agency Accept the Moon Agreement

2024 is the target year set by NASA for their mission to hopefully see the first woman ever walk on the moon. The project, named the Artemis program, will see a male and female astronaut sent on a mission to the moon’s south pole. It will be NASA’s first manned mission to the moon since Apollo 17, which was launched in 1972. This mission is on the path to the first manned mission to Mars, bringing together global stakeholders on the NASA mission. 

Additionally, a new station will be launched into the moons orbit called the Lunar Gateway. All its construction materials and components will be manufactured in the UK. 

UK Industries Participation in the Moon Agreement

The Moon agreement has many businesses looking forward to the coming years. All the components of the Lunar Gateway shall be built and assembled in the UK, in line with NASA recommendations. This means several different industries will benefit from this in terms of economic value and skill development.

To show how committed the country is to this project, the UK has set aside £16 million. This amount shall cover the cost of the initial phase of the project, which involves designing all the parts that encompass the Lunar Gateway. 

For safe and sustainable space exploration, nations have come together to sign the Artemis Accord. These are countries with interest in further space exploration and knowledge of the Moon agreement. With this agreement, they shall ensure better utilization of resources obtained from space and operations that will also cause less harm.

Additionally, these countries promise to produce as little space litter as possible and share the information they gather amongst themselves. 

The Artemis Accord came into effect after a virtual meeting in which member nations participated in the signing. The UK was represented by Graham Turnock, CEO of the UK Space Agency. His presence at the meeting was an example of how committed the UK is to further advance in space exploration while ensuring peaceful engagement with other nations. 

A Step Towards Lasting Peace through the Artemis Accord

As member nations promise to engage while embarking on space missions peacefully, they can have time to reflect on Earth’s many different issues. In turn, this can bolster peace across the world, which is the main goal that anchors the Artemis Accord. 

International partners, including NASA, are urged to maintain the principles. It outlines the principles to follow within the Moon agreement and any other space exploration mission planned for the future.

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