Southern Launch and DEWS Systems Making History with A Rocket Launch, The First of Its Kind

5th Sep 2020
Southern Launch

On September 15th 2020, the Southern Launch Company will host this historic event at Koonibba Test Range in Australia. The rocket launch trajectory will be northwards with a small satellite onboard. 

It will then be released in the thermosphere to descend gracefully back to earth on a parachute, and DEWS Systems will retrieve it and study the data collected.

What makes this launch historical?

This rocket launch is special because firstly, it is a T-Minus Engineering product, and secondly, it is a DART vessel with a mass of only 34 kilos. The rocket launch will happen in two stages with one engine.

It will move for 1.5 km/s and use all its fuel just six seconds after taking off. This rocket lift off will be the genesis for NewSpace blast offs from Australian ground. This small lift off project marks the beginning of a new Space era in Australia. 

The upcoming rocket launch projects after this one will be in total aid of several impressive areas such as sea surveillance for tackling piracy, worldwide crop growth, and creating connections of rural farmers to resources using the Internet of Things.

The 3.1 million dollar deal entails sending out more payloads to orbit the earth and enhance the country’s defence force. It will include around twenty CubeSats with different tech to monitor and detect radio frequencies, ships and airplanes navigation.

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