Open Day Planned at the Prestwick Spaceport to Get Things Started

15th Mar 2022
Open Day Planned at the Prestwick Spaceport to Get Things Started

The Prestwick Spaceport plans an open day that will help them lift the lid on their plans and projects, as well as the benefits brought to Ayrshire. The facility, which is likely to become the leading space application hub in Europe, will focus on horizontal launch systems for small satellites.

Big Plans for the Prestwick UK Spaceport

The facility in Ayrshire is going to launch satellites that will track deforestation, monitor climate change, and help identify illegal mining or fishing. The open day is designed to raise the community’s awareness of how the facility works and the technology used in the process.

Around 4,000 new jobs should be created directly and indirectly connected to the Prestwick spaceport, and that’s great news for the local community. These benefits made Peter Henderson, South Ayrshire Council leader, classify the project as a flagship development for the region and a major job creator in the area.

Benefits All Around

Besides allowing the public to become more familiar with what’s being done at the Prestwick spaceport, this initiative is also a great way to get the community interested in the space sector. Even though it’s quite popular, the sector is still in its infancy phase, and the more people get involved, the better it is for all UK spaceport plans.

There’s a lot of potential for job reconversion and many other opportunities that could arise from such a project. Furthermore, the existing infrastructure allows immediate engineering and technical support to any launch operator. Experts from the Prestwick Spaceport, including members of the South Ayrshire Council and Astraius – commercial launch partner, will be present to answer questions and clarify any aspects. A great initiative from the Prestwick spaceport that should be copied by other space industry facilities in the country as well.

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