Crofters write to ASOS boss in last minute appeal regarding Sutherland spaceport

22nd Apr 2020
Sutherland Spaceport

The group of crofters that have entered into an agreement with the proposed Sutherland Spaceport have written to billionaire businessman, Anders Povlsen after he penned a lengthy objection to the planning application.

The chairperson of Melness Crofters Estate (MCE), Dorothy Pritchard, sent the letter asking the Danish businessman to reconsider his objection on the basis that the Spaceport could bring much needed jobs to the area and citing that there was overwhelming local support for the project (despite nearly 500 objections to the planning application).

Mr. Povlsen is Scotland’s largest landowner and owns estates next to the proposed launch site. He did not object to the creation of a spaceport and in fact suggested that there were better locations. His objection was on the location itself, given that it has a number of protection statuses.

He also asked for the planning application to be called in by the Scottish Government as it was of national importance.

TV presenter Chris Packham is another big name to have objected to the application on environmental grounds as the location is also home to some quite rare birds that may use it as a breeding/nesting ground.

MCE will be paid by the Sutherland Spaceport group for use of the land.

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