Sutherland space port could launch more than 2,000 satellites by 2030

18th Apr 2020
Sutherland space port could launch more than 2,000 satellites by 2030

The Sutherland spaceport, which is on its way to becoming the UK’s first spaceport, could possibly see a launch of more than 2,000 satellites by the end of 2030. According to resources, efforts are being made to bring in £3.8 billion through this industry.

Greg Clark, when he was business secretary and very much involved with the Sutherland spaceport, made this announcement soon after his first visit to the proposed site when the plans for the spaceport were being unveiled.

The UK Space Agency released a new report at the time in which it suggested the presence of a ‘significant gap’ in the commercial small satellite launch market, with the demand for the sector estimating up to £3.8 billion to the economy over the span of the next ten years.

According to Greg Clark, the UK and Scotland in particular were best positioned to cement the UK’s place in the global space sector, which will be boosted by their industrial strategy and the first new facility of this kind.

The Sutherland spaceport will be developed by HIE (Highlands and Islands Enterprise), which approved the £9.8 million investment in the overall £17.2 million launch facility.

Sutherland Spaceport as the UK’s first launch site

It was announced by the UK Space Agency last year that it would provide funding of £31.5 million for the project. If it gets approved, the world could witness the birth of a brand-new vertical launch site that has been constructed for small rockets to launch satellites for the Earth observation and micro communication. Additionally, Scotland has been hailed as the best location in the UK to launch vertical rockets towards in-demand satellite orbits.

It has also been estimated that the facility would bring in 400 new jobs for the local population as well; the employment opportunities would come in the form of chain supply opportunities, inward investment, and from the activities there. 

HIE’s Roy Kirk states that the area will provide ample economic growth opportunities for Scotland’s Highlands and Islands. He also states that the international space sector would play a significant role in growing investment and business activities across Scotland.

It has been stated that 2,000 satellites will be launched from the Sutherland spaceport between 2021 and 2030.

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