Thousands of Lightning Strikes Seen Over the UK Last Night (Photos, Videos)

2nd May 2024
Thousands of Lightning Strikes Seen Over the UK Last Night (Photos, Videos)

On the night of 1st-2nd of May, thousands lightning strikes were recorded across southern Britain and France, as the UK Met Office reported on X (former Twitter). They invited users to share photos and videos of lightning in the comments to the post. Many users also posted photos under the hashtag #thunderstorms.

If you are not one of those lucky who witnessed this scary but beautiful phenomenon, we collected the best images and videos of lightning strikes for you!

Here are the most stunning images of this natural phenomenon.

Lightning Strikes Over Frinton On Sea

Matthew Mallett has shared such an amazing image of lightning with a short comment: “Frinton on Sea around 1 am.”

Lightning Over Frinton On Sea
Credit: @1936matt

“As the storms got stronger off Frinton around 1am this morning in Essex,” he added in another post.

Essex lightning
Credit: @1936matt
Lightning in Essex
Credit: @1936matt

Orange Lightning Strikes Through The Clouds

Orange lightning
Credit: @EagleEyeStorm

Streatham Hill Lightning

“A rather noisy night with thunder and lightning on Streatham Hill,” David Ogden has written.

Streatham Hill lightning
Credit: @daveinlond72

Lightning Over The Eiffel Tower

A rare photograph of lightning over the Iconic Eiffel Tower!

“Struck by lightning this evening,” Guillaume Séchet has written.

Lightning over Eiffel Tower
Credit: @Meteovilles

Beautiful Lightning In London

Lightning over London last night by Andrew @luhbreton.

Lightning In North Essex

And here is a striking video of lightning in North Essex around 1 am last night by Deanog1976

Lightning Strikes In Eastleigh, Hants

And another one from Eastleigh, Hants, around 3:30 am by @Warren1978.

Scary Lightning In Gatwick

Loud thunder and bright lightning… “Coming into Gatwick 01:00 this morning,” @HHjones55 has shared.

Lightning Strikes In Slow Motion

“Caught a couple of beautiful lightning bolts from the 02.05.2024 UK Thunderstorm in slow motion,” @ExodusArias has shared.

After a night of heavy rainfall and lightning strikes affecting various parts of the country, the Met Office has released a new weather warning for thunderstorms covering large parts of England and Wales.

Forecasters are cautioning of possible disruption and flooding in certain areas of the Midlands, the East of England, and Wales, as well as parts of neighbouring regions, as the storms persist.

So, be careful and stay home until the storm ends!

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