Tim Peake Mulls Return to ISS With Axiom Space in 2025

15th Apr 2024
Tim Peake Mulls Return to ISS With Axiom Space in 2025

Former UK astronaut Tim Peake told Sky News’ FYI children’s news show that he would very much like to return to space. Peake was on the show to talk about the all-UK mission to space, slated for “as early as next year”, which will feature an all-UK crew.

Peake is the UK’s second-ever astronaut, and the only one to conduct an extra-vehicular-activity, or EVA. He reached the ISS in January 2016, and along with the space walk, he became the first UK citizen to run the London marathon in orbit, with the help of a treadmill. 

Peake retired as an ESA astronaut in January 2023 to take up a space ambassadorship on behalf of both ESA and the UK Space Agency. In October 2023, however, the UK Space Agency announced the flight of the all-British crewed launch. Since then, rumours have swirled regarding Peake’s return to space and possibly leading the mission.

The Axiom Space mission

At the time of the mission announcement, Axiom Space told Orbital Today,

“Axiom Space is looking forward to working with the UK Space Agency on a future human spaceflight mission. With this agreement as the initial foundation, we will work to build a comprehensive mission plan in support of the UK’s national and agency objectives to advance its capabilities in space exploration and discovery. Together, we will look to harness the benefits of microgravity and help push the boundaries of innovation to advance our civilization.” – Axiom Space

At the time, Axiom Space could not confirm that Peake would be part of the crew. However, Peake himself did tell FYI on 12th April that there would be an announcement regarding the crew in June 2024.

Tim Peake igniting imaginations

When Peake left the astronaut corps, he focused on STEM education and lighting the dreams of children to one day be involved in space themselves. The current plans for the mission are unclear as to the actual experiments to be performed during the fortnight-long mission. However, an emphasis on STEM and igniting interest in space has been present since the beginning, and it will be a vital element, given the UK’s increasing need for specialists in the space industry.

When the mission announcement was made, then Minister of State at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology George Freeman said,

“The prospect of a historic UK mission with Axiom Space has the potential to inspire a whole new generation to reach for the stars, while supporting our efforts to build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world.”

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