Stellar Graduation Day for NASA Artemis Astronauts – Tune In!

5th Mar 2024
Stellar Graduation Day for NASA Artemis Astronauts – Tune In!

NASA is gearing up to celebrate the graduation of its latest cohort of Artemis astronaut candidates in 2024. The ceremony, scheduled for 10:30 a.m. EST (15:30 GMT) on Tuesday, March 5, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, promises to be a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the space agency’s trailblazing recruits.

Having undergone rigorous and comprehensive training spanning over two years, these future space travellers will officially earn their wings, becoming eligible for spaceflights. The 2021 class comprises ten NASA candidates alongside two visionary candidates from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

NASA announces the 2021 class of 10 astronaut candidates. Credit: NASA

The significance of this graduation extends beyond the confinements of Earth, as these newly minted astronauts stand poised to contribute to a range of interstellar missions. From potential assignments to the International Space Station and forthcoming commercial destinations to lunar missions and, eventually, voyages to Mars, the graduates represent the next wave of space exploration pioneers.

You Can Watch New NASA Astronauts Graduating!

NASA astronauts 2024
NASA Newest Astronauts. Credit: NASA

The graduation ceremony will be a public spectacle, streaming live on NASA+, YouTube, and the official NASA website. For those eager to engage with the event on social media, a special Q&A session will follow the ceremony at 11:45 a.m. EST. Students, media, and the public are invited to participate by using the hashtag #AskNASA to pose questions. The new graduates will also be available for both in-person and remote media interviews, offering insights into their journey and aspirations for the future of space exploration.

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