Aurora In March 2024: The Northern Lights Seen In The Sky But More Is Yet to Come

4th Mar 2024
Aurora In March 2024: The Northern Lights Seen In The Sky But More Is Yet to Come

Spring is walking across the Earth, and with it, the number of Aurora Borealis in different parts of our planet is increasing. On the 3rd March, a long-awaited Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) contacted with Earth’s magnetic field causing Auroras around the Arctic Circle. Many X (former Twitter) users were lucky to photograph them. Witness the best 11 images in our collection!

Derwent Reservoir In County Durham

Steven Lomas has shared a beautiful image of Aurora at Derwent Reservoir in County Durham, North East England.

Derwent reservoir in County Durham
Image Credit: Steven Lomas

Auroras over Keswick

Jonny Gios has shown amazing views of Aurora over Keswick, England, in the early hours of this morning.

Auroras over Keswick
Credit: Jonny Gios
Auroras over Keswick image
Credit: Jonny Gios
Auroras over Keswick photo
Credit: Jonny Gios

Aurora in Abisko National Park, over Lapporten

“I think my job here is done. After working in Abisko since 2014 I’m not sure I will ever get a better of northern light than this… Taken last night in Abisko National Park with Aurora over Lapporten “, – Oliver C Wright has written.

Aurora in Abisko National Park, March 2024
Image Credit: Oliver C Wright

Anthony Gormley’s Iron Men statue and the Northern Lights

And this is Peter Byrne’s perspective: “Another Place… Anthony Gormley’s Iron Men statues and the Northern Lights”.

The statue is located in Victoria Square, Birmingham, England. It was created in 1993 as a gift to the city from the Trustee Savings Bank.

Aurora in March, England
Image Credit: Peter Byrne

Northern Lights illuminate the sky over Stonehenge

A truly stunning image: the Northern Lights illuminated the sky over iconic Stonehenge. For sure, it will become historic!

Northern Lights illuminate the sky over Stonehenge
Image Credit: Nick Bull via Stonehenge

Aurora Over Ullapool

“Not my picture but taken by a local resident in Ullapool. Looking like this is gonna be a braw week weather-wise with lots of sun. Mountains have plenty snow on them for alpine conditions too”, – Forest Way Bunkhouse has told.

Ullapool is a village and a port in Northern Scotland.

Aurora Borealis, Scotland, March 2024
Image Credit: Forest Way Bunkhouse

Aurora in Skerries

A view of the Northern Lights over Skerries, Ireland. Just imagine yourself sitting in front of it – you would remember it for the whole life, wouldn’t you?

Aurora in Ireland, March 2024
Image Credit: Sryan Bruen

Northern Lights in Castlerea County, Roscommon

Hard to believe, but this image was taken on IPhone: “The Northern Light visible in Castlerea County Roscommon [Ireland – editor] tonight (long exposure, 10 seconds, shot on iPhone)”, – the author has written.

Aurora in March
Image Credit: @ellensusanigoeart

Aurora in many colors over Alaska

“Tonight’s aurora is in many colors”, – May from Alaska has shared.

Aurora over Alaska
Image Credit: @mayfromalaska

Will There Be More Auroras in March?

March is truly the best month of the year to see Aurora Borealis. The reason is that March has more geomagnetically active days than any other month.

auroras in March
March has more geomagnetically active days than any other month of the year. Credit:

This phenomenon is explained by the Russell-McPherron effect. If shortly, cracks tend to develop in Earth’s magnetosphere during the weeks surrounding equinoxes. They enable solar wind to ignite the spectacular display of Northern Lights.

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