Sat Vu To Launch Thermal Imaging Satellite “HOTSAT-1” With The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

12th Jun 2023
Sat Vu To Launch Thermal Imaging Satellite “HOTSAT-1” With The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

Sat Vu, the pioneering climate tech company, is preparing to launch its groundbreaking thermal imaging satellite, “HOTSAT-1,” which promises unprecedented monitoring capabilities. After being successfully transported to the United States and integrated into the system, HOTSAT-1 is scheduled to launch on Monday, 12th June, with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Why is it called the revolutionary “HOTSAT-1”?

This satellite, named after its unique thermal imaging capabilities, marks Sat Vu’s first foray into satellite deployment. Once in orbit, this space-enabled climate technology will provide invaluable insights into economic activity and energy efficiency across various industries.

In collaboration with Surrey Satellite Technologies (SSTL), Sat Vu has seamlessly incorporated state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology into the design of HOTSAT-1, propelling it to the forefront of satellite innovation.

This achievement represents a significant milestone for Sat Vu’s commercial ventures, as HOTSAT-1 is the first of eight planned satellite launches. Through extensive testing in the UK and Europe, Sat Vu has ensured that HOTSAT-1 delivers unparalleled thermal monitoring capabilities.

The near real-time insights provided by HOTSAT-1 will illuminate the path to energy optimization investments, offering significant cost-saving benefits to both the public and private sectors. With satellite data already contributing to 50% of all climate change metrics, the inclusion of Sat Vu’s infrared dataset will be a true game-changer in monitoring the profound effects of human infrastructure. From assessing heat loss in structures to measuring energy efficiency, HOTSAT-1’s geospatial data will empower global strategic planning and expedite the journey towards decarbonization.

Designed by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), HOTSAT-1 boasts a groundbreaking 3.5m resolution mid-wave infrared imager with astonishing video capabilities, all while maintaining a sensitivity of less than 2 degrees Celsius. This unparalleled video generation capability enables the detection of highly dynamic features and the creation of 3D profiles, facilitating a multitude of applications. From mitigating the effects of heat islands in bustling urban centers to monitoring industrial processes, waterway pollution, ensuring energy efficiency, and assessing the health of solar farms, HOTSAT-1 is set to transform industries across the globe.

The countdown to launch follows Sat Vu’s recent announcement of successfully completing their A2 funding round, raising £13.5m. The company is now on the verge of achieving its next commercial milestone, which will unlock new investment opportunities in their highly anticipated series B round.

Sat Vu’s HOTSAT-1 heralds an exciting new era in thermal monitoring, unlocking a world of untapped possibilities and providing a novel tool for proactive environmental stewardship.

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