Proposal of Application Notice for the UK Spaceport at Prestwick in Motion

18th Jan 2022
Proposal of Application Notice for the UK Spaceport at Prestwick in Motion

Proposal of Application Notice (POAN) for the UK Spaceport in Prestwick is finally in motion. Astraius, the launch service provider, will carry out horizontal launches from the facility. Horizontal, aka air-launches, do not require any special infrastructure besides the already existing one. The first rocket launch from the Prestwick Spaceport is planned for the end of 2023.

The UK Spaceport Will Feature Many Projects for Satellites

As space programme funding is increasing, launch providers move towards cheaper and proven launch solutions. Submitting the POAN follows last year’s submission of the Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Report for the South Ayrshire Council.

According to this report, the space ambitions at the Prestwick Spaceport will not have any adverse effect on the environment. The aircraft will lift the rocket carrying them to a certain altitude over the ocean. When released at the calculated altitude, the rocket will carry its own payload to orbit. The horizontal UK Spaceport in Prestwick will thus become the top destination for air-launch operations.

To proceed with these plans, UK Spaceport in Prestwick signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UK-based commercial launch company Astraius. The aircraft will not require any modification to place small satellites into calculated orbits.

Prestwick Spaceport on Satellite Applications

The satellites’ possible applications will include monitoring information on the climate and tracking the supply chains to ensure food sustainability sources in supermarkets. Given that Glasgow is a leading European manufacturer of satellites, the Prestwick Spaceport should be one of the top locations for launching locally manufactured satellites into calculated orbits.

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