First Engine Test Proves Success for Rocket Factory Augsburg

29th Jun 2021
First Engine Test Proves Success for Rocket Factory Augsburg

Launch service provider Rocket Factory Augsburg has reported the successful first test of its flagship rocket engine. The two-second test took place at the company’s site in Sweden, marking the first use of a staged combustion engine anywhere in Western Europe. The staged combustion design will reportedly offer greater performance than most conventional rocket models. Fuel gases from the exhaust that don’t burn up immediately get pumped back into the main combustion engine, helping to create a cleaner and more efficient launch solution. The test marks a new stage of growth for Rocket Factory Augsburg, putting them among the leading low-cost launch providers in Europe.

RFA Rocket Engine Test Brings Launch One Step Closer

Rocket Factory Augsburg’s COO, Dr. Stefan Brieschenk, asserted that the company’s technology allows them to carry up to 30% greater payloads, offering considerable savings that the company will pass onto its commercial customers. The company passed an earlier milestone in May when it successfully tested its pre-burner and turbopump components. After this, test ignitions for the main combustion chamber took place, paving the way for a full system-level test of the engine.

Rocket Factory Augsburg Targets 2022 for Launch

The test leaves Rocket Factory Augsburg as one of only nine other companies to have completed a full-scale test of a staged combustion rocket. Other companies employing the design include heavyweight players in the space industry, such as Blue Origin and SpaceX. For a company that only started in 2018, it’s well on the way to becoming one of Europe’s foremost commercial space enterprises. Rocket Factory Augsburg hopes to launch its RFA ONE vehicle by the end of 2022 to enable its customers to take advantage of competitive satellite launch solutions underlined by staged combustion technology.

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