When Will NASA Issue Contracts for Small Satellite Launch Service?

13th Jul 2020
When Will NASA Issue Contracts for Small Satellite Launch Service?

NASA will start issuing contracts for small satellite launch services aimed at boosting the emerging small launch vehicle industry. The agency’s Launch Service Program has already released the Venture Class Launch Service Demo 2, draft request proposal. Remarks on the draft RFP were to reach the Agency by 14th of July, with a virtual discussion set for July 17.

Content of the Draft RFP for the Small Satellite Launch Services

There are two classes of missions that the agency intends to give contracts. The first mission is the CubeSats’ dedicated launch service comprising a single launch of a 30kg payload delivery onto a 500km orbit at a 40-60 degrees inclination. The other mission is the CubeSats as the primary payload for the launch service, but in Constellation A and B. Constellation A, weighing 75kg will be placed into 500km orbit, while Constellation B, which weighs 20kg, will go to the same orbit, however, with a minimum of 10-degree plane change.

Although two constellations of small satellites will be the main payload, the launch vehicles may carry other non-NASA space cargo on the mission. However, the primary payload will drive all the requirements for the mission.

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