What Do the UK Space and Tech Sectors Think About the Election Results?

11th Jul 2024
What Do the UK Space and Tech Sectors Think About the Election Results?

Although Labour’s landslide victory last week had been anticipated, the extent of the shift from the Conservative party may have surprised some, with several prominent Tory MPs losing their seats. The manufacturing sector is now pondering what the future holds under a Labour government. Here, we examine the industry’s response.

Volodymyr Levykin, CEO and Founder of Skyrora

Levykin, the CEO and founder of Skyrora, emphasized the vital role of the new government in creating a supportive environment for the space sector through both private and public investment. He highlighted that funding innovation in this industry would position the UK at the global forefront, driving economic growth and job creation. 

Levykin stressed the strategic importance of sovereign access to space for national security and defense. He also called for prioritizing defense innovation, addressing global challenges, and allowing for the opportunity of technological advancements to maintain security and support UK businesses.

UK Industry Leaders React to Election Victory

Industry leaders across various sectors have expressed their perspectives on Sir Keir Starmer’s recent election victory. Stephen Phipson emphasized the importance of political stability for investment and called for a modern industrial strategy to address the skills crisis. 

Andrea Wilson and Rachel Eade highlighted the need for a cohesive industrial strategy, support for manufacturing, and a review of the Apprenticeship Levy.

Other leaders echoed the importance of addressing skills challenges, promoting energy efficiency, and supporting defense innovation to drive economic growth and ensure the UK remains competitive in global markets.

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