ICEYE and Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Sign Memorandum to Strengthen Space Defense Capabilities

9th Jul 2024
ICEYE and Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Sign Memorandum to Strengthen Space Defense Capabilities

ICEYE, a leading provider of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite operations, has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to enhance remote sensing capabilities for national security and defense.

In June 2024, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported on the successful use of space data over the past period on its official website.

Key Points of the Memorandum

The Ministry of Defense and ICEYE will strengthen cooperation in remote sensing of the Earth, the company stated in the release. The Memorandum also outlines ICEYE’s and Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence partnering to strengthen Ukraine’s space defense capabilities even further and provide SAR expertise to support defense activities.

Ongoing Support for Ukraine

ICEYE has been supporting Ukraine since 2022, ensuring that satellite imagery related to Ukraine’s territory is used exclusively for the country’s security and defense. This commitment continues under the new Memorandum, which also prohibits sharing this data with hostile entities.

Enhancing Space Defense Capabilities

The Memorandum outlines a partnership to bolster Ukraine’s space defense capabilities. This includes advancing remote sensing technology, improving data utilization for security purposes, and supporting Ukraine’s integration into the global space economy.

Previous Collaborations

In August 2022, ICEYE signed a contract with the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation to provide SAR satellite imaging to the Ukrainian government. One of ICEYE’s SAR satellites is dedicated to Ukraine’s use and access to ICEYE’s entire constellation for critical radar imagery.

Comments from Ukrainian Officials

Deputy Minister of Defense Kateryna Chernohorenko stated, “Cooperation with ICEYE will enhance our intelligence efforts. I support the limitation of space imaging over Ukraine to protect our nation across all domains: land, air, sea, and space.”

Oleksandra Ustinova, Head of Ukraine’s Parliamentary Commission on Arms, added, “We urge all satellite companies to follow ICEYE’s example in not selling imagery to Russia. ICEYE’s technology provides Ukraine with a strategic advantage on and beyond the battlefield.”

ICEYE’s Commitment to Ukraine

Rafal Modrzewski, CEO and Co-founder of ICEYE, emphasized the company’s dedication: “We are committed to providing Ukraine with objective, actionable data to enhance its space defense capabilities. We urge our peers to support Ukraine against foreign aggression.”

ICEYE operates the world’s largest SAR satellite constellation, offering reliable Earth Observation data. Unlike traditional satellites, ICEYE’s radar imaging can capture high-resolution images through clouds and darkness, ensuring critical data is available for decision-making.

In Summary

The partnership between ICEYE and Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense exemplifies a strong commitment to using advanced technology for national security. This collaboration not only strengthens Ukraine’s defense but also sets a precedent for how many world governments might consider the responsible use of space technology.

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